When looking for 6×9 speakers for your vehicle, it’s good to find one with excellent power handling and noteworthy audio generation. Highlight and choose the best speakers with high-range audio performance, reducing high-frequency distortion that emanates from the woofer yet maintaining a loud and clear bass for highs playing at the loudest volume.

Of course, you also want equally-balanced lows and mid-ranges or overall balanced sound, requiring less power for energy efficiency or reduced power handling. Do you need an amp to install these speakers? If yes, what’s the recommended amp? Do they provide superior sound quality? We’ll answer all your questions in this product review and buying guide for 6×9 speakers.

In this post, you’ll learn the best brands of 6×9 speakers, including their best features, advantages, and drawbacks so you can choose the right one for your bike, car, SU, ATV, or truck. Let’s get started!

Pioneer TS-A6990F

Pioneer TS-A6990F A Series 6″X9″ 700 Watts Max 5-Way Car Speakers Pair
The Pioneer TS-A6990F 6×9 inches Speaker Set is a pair of 5-way coaxial speakers with an RMS 120 watts per pair. The peak power is 700 watts per pair (CEA-2031 Certified). When it comes to the frequency response, it ranges from 22 to 25,000 Hz with an impedance response of 4 ohms and cut-out depth of 3 3/8″.

This speaker measures 8.7 x 3.9 x 7.1 inches and weighs 17.64 pounds. It’s an awesome speaker that can hold your to all your expectations of an Alpine gear but without the grilles. However, the grilles are not included in the description nor on the box. So be prepared to buy a separate grill for these 6X9 speakers.

These 6X9 speakers are great so you can choose it to upgrade from a factory radio. You can run these speakers with Alpines play amp and plug. Hear great sounds all around and you have these in your Dodge Dart and you couldn’t be happier.

Conclusion: The lows are decent with good mid and highs. The price of the Alpine Pioneer TS-A6990F 6×9 inches Speaker Set is reasonable given its quality and performance.


  • Nice price

  • Decent lows

  • Big deep bass

  • Warm sounding


  • Grilles not included

  • Need amp for great sound quality

#2. JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Inches Co-Axial Speaker

JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Inches Co-Axial Speaker

The JBL GTO939 measures 11.8 x 5.9 x 17.2 inches and weighs 8 pounds. It is carbon-injected with one cone larger than the others in terms of size class. It means these speakers make more bass and move more air. The soft-dome tweeters have oversized voice coils, which aim to dissipate heat better and handle higher power which result in fatigue-free and smooth highs.

Because of the dual-level tweeter volume of the JBL GTO939, the adjustment compensates for incorrect speaker placement. Also, these speakers can even suit your musical taste and listening preference. These speakers have low-impedance and three-ohm which compensate for undersized wires in most car models today, making the most out of every watt that your car stereo delivers.

The lows and highs have dedicated 12dB/octave with high-quality crossover components for the best sound possible. You can replace your factory rears with JBL GTO939 speakers so every time you turn your car on, you’ll hear great sounds even for the fronts. The tweeter’s adjustable angle does a great job, bringing the soundstage up off the floor.

Conclusion: The sound quality of the JBL GTO939 is excellent. It has a pretty good midbass. You can have these speakers crossover 12db at 60 Hz. Indeed, it is well made by JBL at excellent value. Place a 75×4 amp and experience a loud, clear, and clean sound.


  • Great sound

  • Clean and clear sound

  • Loud without blowing windows


  • Fixed angle (better if eyeball pivot)

#3. Infinity REF-9623ix 6X9 Car Audio Speakerer


When it comes to choosing the best 6X9 car audio speakers, you have to check the make or construction, sound quality, and overall performance. The cones of the Infinity REF-9623ix is made of fiberglass, so expect high-quality sound on the road every time.

The Infinity REF-9623ix is powered with 300 Watts with edge-driven, textile tweeters. It has 3.0 ohms impedance with 94 dB sensitivity. It measures 11 x 5 x 15 inches and weighs 6.9 pounds. These speakers sound great, providing a nice, clean, clear, and hard bass.

You can put these speakers in the front doors of your 2015 Ram 1500 5.7L with a crew cab. It’s about time to replace your factory speakers. Experience the great bass punch. Also, you’ll love the great detail without the fatiguing highs. You just have smooth and nice revealing treble. You can also match these speakers with the Alpine SPR69 in the rear doors.

Conclusion: Make your music world unique with the Infinity REF-9623ix. It has a great value and you’ll be delighted with the fiberglass cones, magnets (at least 3X bigger), and separate tweeters. These speakers are perfect for the fronts.


  • Easy to install

  • No amp needed

  • Fantastic sounds

  • Perfect for factory replacement


  • Overpowering highs

#4. 2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series Car Audio Speakers

2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series Car Audio Speakers

The New Kicker 43DSC69304 comes with two 6×9-inch speakers which measure 2.8 x 2.8 x 7.5 inches and weighs 7.94 pounds. The 3-way car audio speakers are perfect for your floorboards with a magnet depth of 3.25 inches. You can mount these speakers behind the mounting surface to fit in a truck.

It should fit in any 6×9 location, whether you have a car, truck, or any other vehicle you want. Just make sure to take the old speakers out and measure the clearance with the window down. Also, if you’re replacing factory ones, measure the depth-first before installing the new one because many aftermarket magnets are bigger, so the glass hits whenever the window rolls down.

If you’ll install the New Kicker 43DSC69304 in your car, like a 2004 Grand Am, be sure to measure the holes of the speakers’ size in each window or door. Many love these speakers because of less amplifier stress and full range frequencies.

Conclusion: The New Kicker 43DSC69304 has better performance and sound quality at lower watts, resulting in quality sound with less distortion and stress on your amp. At rear doors, these speakers provide full range frequencies with clear highs and additional base.


  • Clearer highs

  • Unbeatable price

  • Less distorted volume

  • Perfect for upgrading front doors


  • Weak bass

#5. Pioneer TS6900PRO 6×9 2 Speakers

Pioneer TS6900PRO 6×9 2 Speakers

The Pioneer TS6900PRO is a pair of professional 6×9-inch speakers with bullet tweeter and a pulp cone woofer that is optimally blended. It’s designed for high power handling and high sensitivity, measuring 7 x 7 x 7 inches and weighing 12 pounds.

You need four big channel amp in order to push six of these speakers and six ts-b350 tweeters. For every 3.5 tweeters, it needs clean 110 watts. For instance, you can run 2 sets of b350 tweeters, 1 set of m650, and 1 set of pioneer 6.5 components on your Sundown SAX-100.4 to get super loud.

The Pioneer TS6900PRO has a mounting depth of about 3.5 inches so it’s not applicable to fit in your door unless if you have an extended door panel or mounting bracket, or a very deep door. Also, the speakers should be enclosed in a box because the door’s free air space can negatively affect the sound quality.

Conclusion: If you want a super loud sound you need to have an amp, but you don’t need a crossover network or some sort. Simply run your Pioneer TS6900PRO off the radio. The recommended amp for these speakers should be at least 90 watts for continuous clean power.


  • Come with grills

  • Unbeatable price

  • Great sound quality

  • Good low mid-bass response


  • Big magnet speakers

#6. Jl Audio Way Speakers

Jl Audio Way Speakers

The JL audio 3-Way Car Speakers have 4 ohms with RMS power of 70 watts. You’ll get two speakers. The power range is 15 to 125 watts and a frequency response of 53-22000 Hz. The two-way tweeter composition is silk with polypropylene cone body, mica-filled, and injection-molded woofers.

These speakers also come with 1.25 or 32-millimeter voice coil, a flat-profile or symmetrical-roll spider ad Polyether foam surround. It measures 15.4 x 11.7 x 6.5 inches and weighs 9.74 pounds. You can mount these speakers in 6×9 wedge speaker boxes for your cab. The recommended size for the amp is from 50 to 75 RMS each speaker. A 2 channel amp should be fine if you only need to power these speakers.

Conclusion: The JL audio C2 Series Car Speakers have amazing sounds with good mids and highs as well as deep and strong bass. Now it’s possible to have a musical joy ride with these 6×9-inch speakers. You’ll never get bored with the heart-pounding sounds brought about by these incredible speakers.


  • Great value

  • Incredible sounds

  • Good mids and highs

  • Strong and deep bass


  • Limited power handling

#7. Polk Audio DB692 DB+ Series 6″x9″ Three-Way Coaxial Speakers

Polk Audio DB692 Three-Way Coaxial Speakers

The Polk Audio DB692 6″x9″ 3-Way Coaxial Speakers come with Marine Certification or water-resistant. Also, these speakers are dirt-resistant and tested for salt-fog, humidity, and UV. These are UV tolerant and made with a polypropylene cone with waterproof outer and inner surrounds. It’s a high-performance audio upgrade from your factory speakers with signature quality sound.

Simply drop-in install for any vehicle such as boats, cars, and ATVs. These speakers measure 15.5 x 11.9 x 10.2 inches and 7 pounds. Grills are included with these speakers. You’ll get two speakers in total or sold as pair. The power handling is 150 watts each or 300 watts per pair.

Conclusion: The recommended amp is 5 channel, giving off 1100 Watts for the Polk Audio DB692 6″x9″ 3-Way Coaxial Speakers. You’ll have decent sounds and take advantage of the water-resistant feature with a great design. As long as you have a 6×9 space without free air space, these speakers sound great.


  • Sounds great

  • Nicely designed

  • Weather resistant


  • Distortion at peak power

#8. Hertz Audio HCX 690 6×9-inch 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

Hertz Audio HCX 690 6×9-inch 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

The Hertz Audio HCX 690 6×9-inch 3-Way Coaxial Speakers measures are made by an Italian company, Elletromedia. 20.2 x 12.7 x 6.4 inches and weighs 5.51 pounds. It has a peak power handling of 260 watts and 4 Hz frequency response, with a continuous impedance of 10 watts.

Each speaker has 130 watts RMS per paid. Consider the ecx690 or the dcx690 amp. You can put as many 6×9-inch speakers as you want with amps connected as well installed to your vehicle. These speakers are not waterproof, so you need to get waterproof lid covers.

When it comes to the mounting depth, it’s a pretty deep speaker with a big magnet. You can mount them mounted on your bike in the saddlebags. The 4-inch depth speakers are a great option because they won’t take up much room. You can also fit these speakers in front doors but are optimized for rear decks.

Conclusion: These speakers have pretty good bass. Your Harley friends will be impressed because you can install these on your saddlebag lids. These speakers may produce rattles but installing the foam on the latches helps. Overall, the Hertz Audio HCX 690 6×9-inch 3-Way Coaxial Speakers sound great.


  • Sound awesome

  • Amazing sound

  • Good sensitivity


  • Need 4 channel amplifier

#9. Pioneer TS-A6960F 6X9-inch Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-A6960F 6X9-inch Car Speakers

The Pioneer TS-A6960F 6X9-inch Car Speakers have 450 Watts power handling at 90 watts per pair. It comes with mica and carbon injected molded polypropylene with free ALPHASONIK earbuds. These speakers provide an elastic polymer surround with a top-mount depth of 2 7/8 inches and 4 ohms impedance.

The frequency response is 34 to 25,000 Hz with 89 dB sensitivity. The Pioneer TS-A6960F 6X 9-inch Car Speakers are 4-Way Speaker measuring 14.2 x 11 x 5.6 inches and weighing 9.1 pounds. If you have a small sub, you can mainly use these speakers for the highs with decent bass.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a great value pair of speakers, the Pioneer TS-A6960F 6X9-inch Car Speakers are for you. Although they need some power in order to get the most of these speakers, small amps work well.


  • Well built

  • Great value

  • Very clear bass

  • Loud and crisp sound


  • Better with mesh covering (grill)

#10. Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch Speakers

Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch Speakers

The Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch Speakers come in a pair or 2 speakers with grills included an excellent speaker construction. These 6×9 speakers have butyl rubber surround and polypropylene and mineral-filled injection molded cone. The Flex Fit frame have feasible slots instead of single screw-sized holes for slight adjustment when mounted.

Also, these speakers are easy to install because of the Integrated Concealed Crossover or ICC that conceals the crossover inside the basket, which creates an easier installation and a cleaner look. The Vertical Attach Surround Technique or VAST surround significantly increases the effective radiating cone area of the speakers without installation issues, resulting in up to 25% more effective cone area radiation. The tweeter size is 0.75 inches with a frequency response of 60Hz to 22 kHz and 91dB sensitivity.

If you need a great sounding speaker, invest in high-quality 6×9 speakers, like Rockford Fosgate P1692 to replace your factory installed speakers. The Punch series is a full-range speaker, offering a Flex Fit basket, ensuring compatibility with almost any shape of factory speaker location. The ICC eliminates the need to mount black boxes.

Conclusion: Overall, the Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch Speakers are great which are a perfect replacement for your factory speakers. Rockford Fosgate is a global leader when it comes to audio innovation, making the best audio systems that fit your lifestyle.


  • Nice design

  • Excellent bass

  • Clean and clear audio


  • Sound better with amp

Important Facts About 6×9 Speakers

You’re probably tired of hearing your factory speakers and want to replace them as soon as possible. Before making a final decision of what brand to choose, it’s important to know the facts about 6×9 speakers, including important considerations, tips, and reminders.

1. Choose 6×9 speakers that can produce a full audio spectrum of bass or lows, highs, and mids. A great upgrade from factory speakers is 3-way speakers which add a sheer of entertainment into your travel and driving experience.

2. The best 6×9 speakers don’t need subwoofers or amp. If you’re on a tight budget, consider investing in speakers delivering clean highs and midrange without bass bleed.

3. The best 6×9 speakers exhibit audio clarity in all volumes or all throughout the audio spectrum. Listen to the hissing sounds while playing music to identify audio harshness. High-p speakers shouldn’t have any sound distortion even when the bass is up. The midrange should be clear with a smooth transition in different frequencies.

4. A good sensitivity rating is above 87dB. It means that the audio is loud enough to overcome the noise of the road and idle conversations while you’re driving.

5. Coaxial speakers are great if you like a moderate volume that you can find compatible with the interior design of your car.

6. The important factors to consider that can boost the sound quality of your speakers include having high-quality speakers, lightweight woofer material, and rubber surround material. Record performance in terms of clarity, sound volume, price, features, and other applicable factors you want to prioritize.

7. Make sure to measure the front or rear deck of the space intended for your speakers to avoid fitting issues. Remember, you’ll be dealing with 6×9-inch speakers. While there are speakers that are best for the rear, there are also brands best for the front. Your choice depends on the type of vehicle you have or the model, and your desired results.

8. Don’t forget to know the mounting depth to make sure you won’t waste your money for something you won’t be able to install properly. Some 6×9-inch speakers have a deep floor mount, so modifications are needed.

9. When it comes to the woofer material, some are stiff but lightweight like mica, polypropylene, metal coated synthetics, or wood fabrics. These materials are best for better bass and great frequency response. Also, these materials can withstand extreme humidity and temperature changes.

10. Always ask the seller about the buyer’s remorse, money back guarantee, refund policy, and warranty of the speakers for your protection.

Final Conclusion

The best 6×9 speakers have a good balance of all sound volumes, like bass or lows, mids, and highs. Brands, like Alpine, JBL, Polka, and Pioneer are well-loved because of their superior sound quality with durable construction materials. Now you’re more confident to choose the right 6×9 speakers for you. Just make sure to take appropriate measurements to the placement space to ensure a smooth fit.