Dash cams are almost an important part of any car. They allow you to record whatever is happening while you are driving and also when you leave your car right out on your driveway or in any parking spot. So even if you are not in your car, the dash cam will still record whatever it sees for security purposes. In that sense, it adds security and safety for your car. That is why there are now a lot more people using dash cams today.

What is a car dash cam?

A car dash cam (or dashboard camera) is an onboard car camera that continuously records whatever is in its view. There are even dashboard camera’s that have viewing angles so wide that they can reach other windows or maybe even the rear. They are usually attached on the windscreen, the rearview mirror, or simply on the top of the dashboard (hence its name). You can also choose from a lot of different cameras with resolutions that range from standard definition resolutions all the way to high-def resolutions (720p, 1080p, 1440p).

If interested in a dash cam for your car, here are some of the best ones the market has to offer right now.


The Rexing VI Car Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams at keeping a low profile because you can hardly even notice it while you are driving. And despite its discreet design, it still manages to be effective at providing you with a wide-angle view that can reach up to 170 degrees. The video quality is also very good in terms of quality as it is able to record videos in 30 fps and with a 1080p resolution.

This car dash cam also records videos in 3, 5, or 10-minute segments that will automatically overwrite older videos when the memory is full. But you also do not have to worry about memory because it has a large capacity of 128gb in terms of memory size. And if the camera detects a collision, it locks the current video to protect it from getting overwritten or tampered with so that you will have proof of what happened during the collision.

Conclusion: There are plenty of car dash cams out there by the Rexing V1 is one of the best because of how it combines video quality, wide-angle video recording, and memory all in one package.


  • Automatically protects and locks the video after a collision

  • It has a wide-angle view that allows you to record videos up to 170 degrees


  • The build can feel a bit cheap because of how lightweight it is

  • Its screen does not have the best playback quality although the video quality is great when videos are transferred to other devices such as computers

#2. Nextbase 612GW 4K Ultra HD Resolution Car Dash Cam


The Nextbase 612GW is the first dash cam to be able to record videos in ultra HD 4k resolution and is able to deliver amazing video quality that is so difficult to match in the market today.

Another good thing about the video is the angle. It has a wide angle of 150 degrees to make sure that it gets to take footage of everything in front of it while delivering video quality that is even better than what you see in phones and televisions.

Other than that, this dash cam also has GPS features that allow it to record the location and the speed data of anything that it gets on cam. And you can even see the videos via the Nexbase app. You can also share the footage that the camera records so that your friends can see whatever interesting even happened while you were on the road.

Conclusion: If you want a dash cam with unbelievable video quality, you can hardly get anything that comes close to this one.


  • The video quality is simply amazing and is even better than most televisions

  • GPS capabilities allow you to see the location of the recordings and the speed at which some of the objects it records go


  • You cannot zoom the footage

  • The battery life is poor because of how powerful its recording capabilities are

#3. Vantrue T2 Recording OBD2 Dash Camera


If you happen to live in a part of the country that is particularly hot or if you are worried about the camera overheating, the Vantrue T2 Recording OBD2 Dash Camera will minimize the risk of overheating because it is powered by a supercapacitor instead of a lithium battery. As such, you can be sure that it will last for a very long time and also will not drain your car’s battery.

The image quality is also good. It has a 1080p resolution that records at 30fps that allows you to see license plates and road signs very clearly without even requiring you to zoom. It also is quite visible during the night and in low-light situations. Then, to help save battery and memory, it will only start recording when an object interferes with the microwave signal it emits in front of it. And of course, if you want to protect important videos, the camera has an auto-lock feature that does not overwrite important footage recorded at the time of a collision.

Conclusion: This camera is best for those who want to save battery life while also avoiding any risk of overheating while it records for long periods of time.


  • Rarely overheats even when it records for quite a long time
  • The 1080p video quality is amazing and it allows you to see details you hardly can see when using other dash cams


  • Difficult to attach because the suction cup it comes with hardly does anything

#4. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam


The Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam is, as the name suggests, is a dual camera that not only records what is in front of the car but also its interior. It is even regarded as the best interior dash cam. That said, the front camera can record 170 degrees with a 1440p resolution at 30fps while the inside cam can record 140 degrees with a 1080 resolution. You can also use the front cam to record with a 1080 resolution at 60fps. In that sense, it is both wide-angled and also high-def enough to display crisp and sharp images.

Because this camera specializes in recording the interior, you can expect it to display some of the best interior images. It can handle low-light situations and can still give you clear images even when the cabin is dark. Also, the camera automatically starts when the ignition sparks up. And you can be sure that you won’t get disturbed while driving because of the automatic LCD off timer.

Conclusion: While it has more or less the same kind of features when compared to other dash cams, it simply stands out when it comes to recording the cabin’s interior even during low-light situations.


  • Great at recording your car’s interior
  • You can have a better view of license plates and of other details by switching the front cam to 1080p at 60fps


  • The mount is a bit faulty and the camera will often flop around. You might need to use tape to make sure it stays in place

#5. VAVA Dash Cam


The VAVA Dash Cam is a great addition to your car especially if you want an all-around coverage. It has a 360-degree swivel that allows you to record outside the car, inside the cabin, and whatever is out on the windows. Moreover, you can be sure that the images are crisp and clear especially with its 1080p resolution at 60fps. You can simply see license plates clearly and crisply.

Its built-in GPS allows it to also record the location and the speed at which objects are going. Its loop recording looks so seamless and automatically overwrites the oldest videos with the new clips. And if the footage was taken during a collision, it makes sure that the clip is protected and will not be overwritten so that you will have proof of the incident happening. It also works during parking mode and will automatically record during collisions.

Conclusion: This car dash cam is a great choice for anyone because it provides you with all the basics while also making sure that your car is always covered by recording and protecting video clips with collisions involved.


  • Records collisions during parking mode and also protects such video clips
  • Very clear images that allow you to see license plates with its 1080p resolution at 60fps


  • Automatically shuts off when the ignition is off and will only record collisions during parking mode

#6. AUKEY DR02 D Dual Dash Cam


As its name suggests, the AUKEY Dual Dash Cam is a complete dual dash cam kit that records both the front and the rear of the car so that you will have full coverage of both sides. The front cam has a viewing angle of 170 degrees while the rear cam records at 152 degrees. Both cameras are also so sharp and crisp since they record videos with a resolution of 1080p. Moreover, the cameras also function well at night and can be just as crisp and clear when you are driving under low-light conditions.

Even when the temperatures get too hot or too cold, you can make sure that this dash cam still functions well. It does not function on a lithium battery and is operated via an internal supercapacitor so that it can endure heat and cold. That means that it will have a longer lifespan than other dash cams on the market.

Conclusion: If you want complete coverage for your car, this dash cam takes the cake because of how it records both the front and the rear of your vehicle.


  • Lasts long because of how it can endure extreme temperatures

  • Covers both the front and the rear of your car and records videos at high resolutions


  • It can be difficult to install and the control buttons are too small

  • Screen size is also very small and will not allow you to see tiny details

#7. AUKEY DR03 Dual Dash Cam


The AUKEY DR03 is like the big brother of the DR02 in the sense that they both are dual cameras that record both the front and the rear of the vehicle. Also, they have the same 1080p HD video recording on both the front and the back cameras. They are super sharp so that they can help back you up whenever you meet accidents or collisions. However, there is a slight difference in the coverage because the DR03 has a 170-degree coverage on the front camera and a 160-degree angle in the rear camera.

Like the DR02, it automatically overwrites older movies and protects those with collisions involved. It also uses a supercapacitor system instead of using lithium batteries that tend to be unreliable in extremely cold or hot weather. You get the power from a USB port car charger instead.

Conclusion: It is like an upgrade of the AUKEY DR02 so you simply get something that is a bit better than the other version.


  • Very durable because it does not depend on batteries that are unreliable during very hot or very cold weather

  • Already covers both the front and the rear of the car so that you no longer have to buy a separate cam for the back


  • Video playback isn’t exactly very good

  • The signal tends to get easily interfered

#8. Z-Edge Z3 Upgraded Version Dash Cam


One of the best dash cams in the entire industry, the Z-EDGE Z3 Dash Cam has a very clear Ultra HD 2.5k video resolution that is able to record video of the highest quality in almost any lighting condition. The viewing angle is 155 degrees and has an optimized field-of-view so that you can see license plates and other small details very clearly.

This dash cam performs very well at night so that it can still record videos under low light situations. And upon car ignition, the cam automatically records. It also automatically records videos after a collision. You can even use parking mode to allow it to serve as a security cam for your car 24/7.

Conclusion: If you want the best in terms of video quality alone and with no other features that you might not be able to use, the Z-EDGE Z3 should be one of your choices.


  • Great video quality

  • The parking mode can help add security to your car


  • It doesn’t have a lot of features but that can be good if you only prefer the basics

#9. Z-EDGE Z3D Dual Lens Dash Cam

Z-EDGE Z3D Dual Lens Dash Cam

The Z-EDGE Z3D comes with dual lenses so that you will never miss a license plate or any small details you want to the camera to pick up. Both cameras capture 1080p videos at 30fps but, if you disconnect the rear camera, the front camera will be able to go for stunning and amazing video qualities with resolutions of 1440p at 30fps. And if you are often driving at night, the camera uses its Wide Dynamic Range technology to see better at night.

This dash cam also has GPS navigation so that you can accurately pinpoint and record the vehicle’s location and at which speed it was going. With that, you will be able to also see your own car’s location, speed, and route.

Conclusion: The Z-EDGE Z3D has a little bit of everything and is a great addition to your car because of all its features.


  • Captures stunningly beautiful videos
  • Great at night and during low-light situations


  • As good as it is, it isn’t the most durable or long-lasting camera on the market

#10. iTRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam


The iTRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam is aesthetically pleasing with the rounded and creative design that makes it stealthy and also uniquely beautiful. It also has two lenses that cover both the front and the rear to make sure that you are fully covered from both sides.

And though it is small, it is actually pretty powerful. It has a lot of functions and is able to record videos at full HD or 1080p on both cameras. The cameras also come with night vision, auto-locking, date and plate stamp, GPS, and several other features you will surely want your dash cam to have.

Conclusion: More is better when you are talking about this dash cam as it carries a lot of features that are great additions for your vehicle.


  • Looks unique

  • Comes with a lot of features you would not expect it to have


  • The cable setup tends to be a bit cumbersome as they are not long enough for you to hide around the car

#11. Garmin Dash Cam 65


The Garmin Dash Cam 65 has a 180-degree field of vision that can capture videos at 30 fps. A great thing about the video quality is that it does really well even when the light is low. In that sense, you will be getting your hands on a camera that does the basics better than other competitors.

Moreover, the Garmin Dash Cam 65 has a GPS-enabled automatic sensor that saves footage when a collision happens. There are also forward collision and lane departure warnings that help you stay safe while driving in any kind of street.

Conclusion: If safety is really important for you, the Garmin Dash Cam 65 prioritizes both video quality and safety so that you rest assured that you and your vehicle are secured and safe.


  • Good quality at night and during low-light conditions

  • The forward collision and lane departure warnings allow you to feel safe while driving


  • Its Alexa function does not perform up to par and expectations

Value Section on Car Dash Cams

There are a lot of dash cams out there on the market. As such, it can be difficult to find the best one that suits your car and your own needs. That is why you should look at the following factors first before deciding on which of the dash cams mentioned the best suit you.

Video quality
In this day and age, it is important for you to look at the video quality you are getting from your car dash cam. After all, the quality of the video dictates how well you will be able to see the details on the video. In that case, you should best go for a car dash cam that provides you with excellent HD video quality that has a resolution of at least 1080p.

You do not want the cam’s installation to take up a lot of your time. A good car dash cam should have an easy installation process and should not take up more than a few minutes of your valuable time.

Low-light visibility
The night takes up about half the day, and there are a lot of people who drive at night and in places where sunlight seems scarce. In that case, you should go for a car dash cam that is excellent when it comes to low-light visibility.

Added features
A good car dash cam has a lot of added features such as parking mode or collision-lock. Some of those features seem essential especially if you value safety above all. So if you want a good dash cam, go for one that has some of the features you value.

General Conclusion

Car dash cams are now almost an essential part of any driver’s day especially if you consider the fact that safety and security have become top priorities for any car owner. That means that the ones you should go for have the features and the specs that allow you to feel safe and secured while driving and even when your car is out on the parking lot.