A digital level is a very useful tool. This newer version is far more accurate compared to its old-fashioned bubble-based level. Likewise, it is more reliable, efficient, and convenient to use. A digital level exists in different sizes and shapes, so there’s a good one to use for every scenario.

Accuracy is key in obtaining the right and balanced output of your home. A digital level will help you calculate the exact balance. If you’re looking to buy a new model this year, then you should check this list before you go.


SKIL LV941901 24″ Digital Level is highly suitable for your big projects. You can use it for leveling across different photos and other major projects. This digital level features high-contrast blue vials that are highly accurate and easy to use. These vials show both the horizontal and vertical levels.

You can operate this digital level with just one hand. It features a magnetic edge that will help you use this tool with one hand. This digital level also comes with a digital LCD screen that can automatically adjust its orientation, based on how you touch it. This LCD screen guarantees easy readability from all angles.

Likewise, there are arrow indicators that will aid you in leveling. The discretionary audible tone will tell you if you hit 0 degrees, 45 degrees, or 90 degrees. Also, this digital level has a dual measuring function. The measurement will be in both centimeters and inches.

Conclusion: SKIL LV941901 24″ Digital Level can be a good choice for those who often deal with huge projects. This digital level seems highly capable based on its features.


  • Accurate

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight

  • One-handed operation


  • Longer than other similar units

#2. Shefio 24-Inch Professional Digital Magnetic Level


This Shefio digital level is a 24-inch device with incredible accuracy, functionality, and durability. It has remarkable features designed to simplify your tasks. This digital level is waterproof and dustproof, so it will surely last for a long time.

This digital level is 100% accurate. It measures degrees, inches, percent slope, and metric to ±0.1 degrees at 0 degrees and 90 degrees and a ±0.3 degree from 1-89 degrees. It also comes with a vibrant display that has big LCD display flips, allowing you to see what’s on the screen regardless of the lighting condition.

This Shefio digital level also comes with an audible indicator to inform you if you hit the 90-degree angle. You can do it regardless of the distance. Also, this digital level guarantees a resolution of ±0.01 degree at 0 degrees and 90 degrees and ±0.05 degrees at any angle.

You can transfer the target values to another work area by just holding the button. This digital level is sturdy and strong as it comes with a heavy-duty magnetic base. Also, this product comes with built-in memory, so you don’t need paper and pen. This digital level can recall your previous 8 angle measurements. Besides, it comes with a low battery indicator that makes this tool more convenient to use.

This Shefio digital level is certainly worth considering as it has functions and features that will make your job easier and hassle-free.


  • Easy to use

  • Good quality

  • Great performance


  • Calibration issues

  • The user manual is less informative

#3. Stabila 36524 24-Inch Electronic Dust and Waterproof IP65 TECH Level


Stabila 36524 is a powerful digital level. It comes with remarkable features. It has a flipping display that will flip when the level is in the upside down position. This digital level also comes with a vibrant digital display and several modes, percent, degree, rise and run.

This digital level can provide measurements in inches and meters. It can also hold display readings for future reference. Stabila 36524 is resistant against moisture and dust. The unit comes along with batteries and a case. It came from a German company with a bright, illuminated display.

This digital level lets you control sound to display level when the screen is out of view. Plus, you can set an angle at 0 degrees as the beginning point. Stabila 36524 also comes with a calibration button and detachable end caps for tight corner analyses. The protective end caps absorb shock to protect the level.

Conclusion: Stabila 36524 is worth considering because it comes with interesting features and incredible functionality. The product is aiming to give you the best value for your money.


  • Durable

  • Accurate

  • Lightweight


  • Seems more suitable for a left-handed person

#4. Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Magnetic Digital Level


Calculated Industries 7434 is a magnetic digital level with impressive performance and a set of features. This digital level can work as a tilt gauge or an inclinometer to check or set angles between the surfaces. Mainly, it serves as a great digital level that can work on tight spots.

The results are easy to read because Calculated Industries 7434 comes with a big and bright display that stays on while the level is in use. This digital level also has the latest mems sensor designed for improved accuracy and extended battery life. You can use it as a little digital protractor.

Calculated Industries 7434 shows bevels in mm/M, IN/FT, degrees, and percent slope. Its sturdy magnetic base firmly attaches to saw fences, tables, blades, and any other metallic surface. The reversible display will invert when the level is in the upside down position.

Calculated Industries 7434 is water and dust resistant. It comes as a complete package with 2 long-life AAA batteries, battery-saving auto power off feature, and a safety case with a belt loop.

Conclusion: Calculated Industries 7434 is a compelling option because it comes with brilliant features.


  • Auto shut off

  • Easy to read

  • Magnetic base

  • Protective case


  • Fragile screen

  • Short battery life

#5. General Tools TS02 ToolSmart Bluetooth Connected Digital Angle Finder, Protractor, Level and 10.5-Inch Ruler


General Tools TS02 is one of the popular digital levels in the market as of the now. This product comes with awesome features designed to make every job easier and faster to finish.
One of its awesome features is the ToolSmart Digital Angle Finder that can accurately determine the angle of every corner. General Tools TS02 can easily determine and identify the exact angle of a corner up to 225 degrees.

This product can also function as a digital protractor that is quite useful in various flooring applications and crown molding, allowing you to get the best cuts from time to time. Easily send inner and external angle measurements to your mobile phone with just one click and easily determine the compound angels using the ToolSmart App.

By using the ToolSmart App, it is easier to determine the necessary tools and materials to finish your project on time. General Tools TS02 is a modern digital level that comes with a 10.5″ ruler and vertical and horizontal bubble levels.

With its features and extra functions, General Tools TS02 is a compelling option that deserves your attention when it comes to digital levels.


  • Handy

  • Accurate

  • Easy to use

  • Smart Bluetooth connectivity


  • Not so pleasant design

#6. M-D Building Products 92325 48-Inch Smart Tool Digital Level with Carrying Case


This digital level from M-D Building Products looks simple but packs with anything you need to finish your projects in no time. This product comes with advanced sensor technology designed for this level. Therefore, it can offer accurate angle measurements of 1/10 of a degree.

The measurements are adjustable to two units: feet and inches. This digital level will let you set up your preferred angle while the device is in use. Also, it will inform you with a beep when you have reached an inputted angle.

Conclusion: This digital level is an excellent choice for workers and builders who might be looking for a useful tool that can help them level various surfaces.


  • Easy to use

  • Vibrant and readable display

  • Offers accurate measurements


  • No magnetic base

  • Takes time to give the results

#7. Swanson SVT200 9-Inch Savage Digital Torpedo Level with Neodymium Magnet


Swanson SVT200 is a well-equipped digital level that features a sturdy magnetic base crafted using 4 unique earth magnets which contribute to its stronghold on any surface. This level comes with a 0.029 degrees accuracy on the 0 degrees and 90 degrees vials.

This digital level also features sufficient lights and green backlight for the screen to ensure the display’s readability. You will notice audible tunes in this digital level. These tunes dictate what is on the display, particularly the measurements.

Conclusion: The Swanson Savage Digital Torpedo Level is worth considering due to its features. It features impressively tough exteriors and precise turnovers that never failed to grab attention.


  • Durable

  • Readable display

  • Precise angle measurements


  • Oversized bubbles on the vials

  • The fluid on the vials tend to leak

#8. DigiPas DWL80E Pocket Size Digital Level


DigiPas DWL80E is a pocket-sized level with a compact design and dual functionality. This digital level can set the angle gauge and tilt. Likewise, it can conduct a check on the relative angles with its Alternate Zero function.

Recalibrating the level is easy via the factory settings. This process doesn’t involve any complicated procedure. DigiPas DWL80E comes with a sturdy magnetic base coupled with a smart sensor which offers accurate displays and measurements.

This digital level is durable and aims to provide 100% accurate angle measurements which is crucial to ensuring the success of your projects.


  • Compact size

  • Accurate results

  • Smart technology

  • Strong magnetic base

  • Durable and impact-resistant


  • Coarse metal edges

  • The battery compartment is hard to close

  • The display is readable only in short distances

#9. GemRed Digital Level


GemRed Digital Level guarantees the accuracy of 0.2 degrees, a temperature level of roughly -10 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius, and a resolution of 0.1 degrees. This digital level provides accurate measurements in just a few minutes, allowing you to finish the project on time.

This digital level boasts a handy and lightweight body, so this tool is very transportable. It also comes with a sturdy magnetic base which attaches to a metallic surface for sturdy leveling. The backlight of this digital level is making the display readable and vibrant. The digital level comes with the angle error of about 2mm/m and ±1.1mm maximum acceptable error.

Conclusion: This digital level is a compelling option due to its superb ability to work even under extreme temperatures. It boasts a sturdy body which stays flat on any type of surface.


  • Efficient

  • Handy and convenient

  • Calibration is no longer necessary


  • Quite sensitive

  • Weak magnets on the base

#10. Digi-Pas DWL280PRO Waterproof IP67 Digital Torpedo Level


Digi-Pas DWL280PRO is a good option for plumbing jobs. This digital level is highly durable and resistant to water damages. It is freezeproof and shockproof while the entire exterior is sure to last longer. This tool can withstand even the coldest or the hottest temperatures without damage.

This digital level is easy to re-calibrate and able to provide accurate measurements. Also, it boasts a simple reset to its original factory settings. The resolutions depend on the ±0.05 degrees for 0 degree and 90 degrees and ±0.2 degrees for any other angle.

Conclusion: Digi-Pas DWL280PRO is an excellent addition to any tool set. It gives precise angle measurements which are key to the success of your projects. This is a sturdy digital level that can last for a long time.


  • Sturdy

  • Functional

  • Can work even in the upside-down position


  • Occasional issues about accuracy

Tips for Choosing the Right Digital Level for Your Needs

When shopping for a digital level, you must:

  • Inspect the build quality. Invest in a digital level that can last longer

  • Check the screen display. Make sure it is vibrant and readable in every angle

  • Check the features. It is best to choose a digital level with advanced features aside from the basics

  • Check its accuracy. Go for a highly recommended digital level that guarantees accurate results regardless of the project’s difficulty level

Before you settle for a certain product, be sure to check some reviews online to understand better how it works and what to expect from its performance and quality.

Final Conclusion

A digital level is a good addition to your tool kit. Choose the right model based on your needs. These top 10 digital levels are your greatest options so far. Pick a unit that can give the biggest bang for the buck.