When it comes to automotive work, you must apply just the right amount of torque to ensure that every nut and bolt is safely fastened. For the accurate application of torque a smart tool is used by experts: a digital torque wrench.

A digital torque wrench is a very special tool that is designed for professional automotive and industrial use. There are different sizes, features, and capacities of digital torque wrenches. If you are shopping for the best digital torque wrench for a specific application, these 9 best torque wrenches with digital functions will surely meet your needs.


The digital Gear Wrench Automotive Wrench Torque will be able to accurately track your measurements. It can monitor torque measurements to maintain the safety of your work.

You can’t miss hitting the allowable amount of torque because of its “target torque alert” which warms you if you are nearing the target setting. With this safety feature, you can avoid over-torquing and prevent the wear and tear of major components of any machine.

The GearWrench has unique features that you won’t find in a regular digital torque wrench. It has a vibrating handle, buzzing sounds and a light indicator that will provide additional safety features. This digital wrench has a 72-tooth ratchet mechanism that will effectively grip. You can also use this wrench even in tight spaces with its 5″ swing arc.

This digital torque wrench has an oil and solvent resistant handle. This is battery-operated, accurate and handy to take anywhere.

Conclusion: The GearWrench Automotive Wrench Torque is easy to use, with safety features and is precise in providing the right amount of torque for any kind of application. This might be the digital torque wrench you have been looking for.


  • With safety features

  • Runs using batteries

  • High torque accuracy

  • With target torque alert

  • Easy to use in tight spaces

  • With digital tracking feature


  • Eats up too many batteries

#2. GEARWRENCH 85071 1/2-Inch Drive Electronic Torque Wrench 25 – 250 ft lb


Possibly the best thing about the GearWrench 85071 is that it comes with a large LCD screen with a backlight so you can accurately read torque values. The screen will also help you monitor the correct torque values so you can prevent over-torquing of different components.

The GearWrench 85071 comes with a sealed tip to improve access, enhanced the strength of the tool and prevents contaminants from accessing the most important part of the tool. It also comes with unique safety features that will alert you in case you are nearing the torque limit.

Another use of this digital tool is its ability to convert from one unit to another. It can handle torque in feet, pounds, inches, and nanometers. And because of its many unique features, you can use this for any tightening application without fear of wear and tear of components.

Conclusion: The GearWrench 85071 is an electronic torque wrench with a large read-out screen, is programmable and has safety features as well. It has alert features to tell you if you are nearing the set limit. This could be the ideal digital torque wrench for you.


  • Easily convert units

  • Sealed tip protectors

  • With large LCD screen

  • With buzzer and lights

  • With sealed tip design


  • Eats up power

#3. Topeak D- Torq Wrench


Set the amount of torque accurately using the Topeak D- Torq Wrench. This digital torque wrench comes with safety, over torquing features. It can alert you in case you are overtightening components for any application.

This digital torque wrench will be able to read torque in different units and is also programmable. You will find this easy to use for almost all projects and applications because of its many good features among these are adjustable torque range, automatic off function, settable torque and easy LCD screen readout screen.

You can program this digital torque wrench according to the needs of your project. It is easy to take anywhere; it’s handy and ready for use no matter what the demands of your project are.

Conclusion: You won’t miss any set limits with this torque wrench. It comes with a programmable torque, alert functions and an easy to use torque system for any application. If you are looking for a more accurate digital torque wrench then this could be the digital torque for your needs.


  • Portable to use

  • Large LCD readout

  • Can be taken anywhere

  • Programmable features

  • With over-tighten alarms

  • Adjustable torque features


  • Drains batteries fast

#4. BikeMaster Digital Torque Wrench (3/8)


The BikeMaster Digital Torque Wrench that is useful for assembly and repair of motorcycles and bikes. With well-tightened components, you’ll have a safe vehicle and will prevent wear and tear of components.

This digital torque wrench is made for daily use. It has an easy to read display where you can check how tight or how to lose a machine component is. The display is also large enough to be seen and comes with an automatic shutoff feature so you can conserve batteries.

Overall, the BikeMaster Digital Torque Wrench is easy to take anywhere because of its small size. It fits inside a tool kit, your bag or in your tool belt.

Conclusion: The BikeMaster Digital Torque Wrench is a portable digital torque wrench that will prevent over-torquing and will keep you alerted if you are ever near doing it. It also has a large LCD display to check readings and since it’s programmable, this may be used for a number of applications. This could be the digital torque wrench you have been looking for.


  • With auto shutoff

  • Portable and versatile

  • With a large LCD display

  • With a comfortable handle

  • For beginner and professional riders


  • Still consumes too much power

#5. ACDelco Tools 1/2″ (Inch) Angle Digital Torque Wrench


The ACDelco Tools 1/2″ Angle Digital Torque Wrench is a reversible tool with precise features. It grips well with its 72-tooth ratchet that also allows you to measure torque in the clockwise and also in a counterclockwise manner.

You can grip this tool well with its anti-slip, industrial quality grip. It won’t slip or slide your hands, therefore, it’s safe and comfortable to use. The ACDelco Tools digital torque wrench is accurate, longer than most digital wrenches and will measure even hard to reach areas.

You’ll have three ways to alert you in case you are near over-torquing your components: you’ll get a loud buzzer, a vibrating handle and an LED light flashing warning. It works using two alkaline batteries but this is not included in the package.

This tool is made from high hardened steel alloy so you’ll be sure that it will last for a long time. When not in use, keep it inside its metal case with padded interiors. With this case, you can take this anywhere you need to work. This comes with a one- year warranty, a good value for your money.

Conclusion: The ACDelco Tools is an angle digital torque which will help you tighten different components and to avoid over tightening. It has good grips, durable and efficient design plus it comes with a readable LCD screen to let you monitor your tool and to completely avoid wear and tear. If you are looking for an efficient digital torque wrench then the ACDelco Tools might be the best choice for accurate component tightening needs.


  • Easy to grip

  • With LCD display

  • With warning buzzer

  • Warning LED lights

  • Vibrates to alert you

  • Longer than most wrenches

  • Angle digital torque wrench

  • Made from durable materials


  • Consumes a lot of power

#6. Summit Tools Digital Torque Wrench


The Summit Tools Digital Torque Wrench lets you work on different components with different ranges of torques. This is a precise tool with a ½” drive plus a socket set ideal for working on car suspensions and for automotive and industrial projects.

You’ll find this very accurate with a clockwise and counter-clockwise accuracy. You can use the small but functional digital LCD screen to guarantee accuracy.

It comes with a robust design made from highly-durable materials. So you can guarantee that this will last for a long time. The grip is made from a non-slip material so this wrench will fit in your hands without moving the tool so you can get more accurate readings.

Conclusion: The Summit Tools Digital Torque Wrench is an efficient, easy to use and accurate tool which you need if you are working with vehicles, engines and so on. It is made from very durable materials and therefore will last for a long time. The strong and comfortable grip lets you hold this safely too. This must be the digital torque wrench that’s right for your torque needs.


  • Easy to use

  • Comfortable grip

  • Durable and strong

  • With safety features

  • With LCD display screen


  • The very small LCD screen

#7. Kobalt 856839 Electronic Torque Wrench


Longer than most digital torque wrenches, the Kobalt 856839 is a 1/2 -inch drive which is perfect for different automotive and industrial tasks. You can easily use this device because this is completely programmable with an accuracy of +/- 3%.

You can’t go wrong with this digital wrench because of its safety features. It will tell you that you are about to over-torque with a loud beep and with a green light. The light means that you are already at 90% of the torque value. Meanwhile, a long beep with a red light means that you have reached 100%.

A very small control pad will allow you to change the mode of operation from angle, peak and so on. The LCD may be small but it will display the preset slot, the measuring units, the mode, and the torque value.

Conclusion: Use the Kobalt 856839 programmable electronic torque wrench to tighten nuts and bolts with ease. It is longer than most wrenches but this lets the wrench reach farther. It has a small LCD screen but has more features to display. This may be the digital wrench you need for your next projects.


  • Easy to program

  • With non-slip grip

  • With safety signals

  • Readouts in different units


  • Too small grip

  • Too small LCD screen

#8. Craftsman 1/2 in Drive Digi-Click Digital Torque Wrench


The Craftsman Dr. Digi-Click has the ability to convert torque into different units. With the press of a button, the small digital display will light up to help you read the information. It is smaller than some wrenches but is sleek enough to reach hard to reach areas.

This torque wrench has a strong grip with an ergonomic design. The buttons are easier to manipulate compared to other digital wrenches. It is easy to take anywhere and is energy efficient as well.

Conclusion: Other digital torque wrenches are longer but the Craftsman Digi-Click compensates by its efficient features, safety signals, and ergonomic handle. It could be a good digital torque wrench that’s right for you.


  • Easy to read

  • Easy to adjust

  • Ergonomic design

  • Converts torque

  • LCD with backlight

  • Lightweight wrench


  • Too small

  • Very small LCD

#9. ACDelco Tools Digital Torque Wrench


ACDelco Tools has the 3/8 inch compact digital torque wrench that is compact, precise and programmable. It has reversible modes, convertible torque units, and a small LCD screen to tell you the status of your torque.

The torque wrench can work clockwise and counterclockwise plus comes with a strong industrial grip. This will remain in tip-top shape no matter how much you use this because this is made of strong alloy steel.

It also comes with safety features to signal if you are about to hit the torque value. It will set an alarm, with vibration and flashing LED lights. This digital wrench may be taken anywhere with a metal carrying case.

Conclusion: The ACDelco Tools digital torque wrench that will help you provide the right amount of torque for your components. It comes with an ergonomic design, safety functions and easy to read LCD. This might be the handy digital wrench you have been looking for.


  • With LCD screen

  • With mode settings

  • With torque settings

  • Reversible movements

  • With ergonomic handle

  • Made from durable materials


  • Small LCD screen

  • Very hard to see

Tips for Choosing the Right Digital Torque Wrench

  • Use a tool with an ergonomic handle.

  • The LCD display should be easy to read.

  • The LCD display screen must also display different readings.

  • Look for a digital torque wrench with variable units of measure.

  • Your device should have a metallic case so you can travel anywhere with it.

Final Conclusion:

There’s a digital torque wrench that’s ideal for your different fastening needs. Choose the one that will give you utmost satisfaction with a special alternative for safety and accuracy. When you shop smart you will be able to find the right digital torque wrench for y our special needs.