The winter season is fast approaching and so is all the winter dilemma that comes with it. Sure, winter can be fun and exciting but when you wake up early in the morning and knowing that you have to scrape off all the snow that piled in your car, it’s suddenly no longer fun. We have gathered the 10 best frost guards that keep snow, frost, and ice at bay so you can continue having a great day.


This all-weather winter windshield provides full coverage and has the dimensions of 75″ L x 0.1″ W x 42.25″ H that covers your windshield and fits most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. It is made from 600D polyester that gives protection against snow, ice, water, hail, sleet, slush, snowstorms, and other winter debris and weather.

The thermal shield traps heat that ensures an ice and snow-free windshield every morning, day and night. This will assure you that your windshield is clean and clear thus helps in the visibility and increase safety on the road. It’s easy to install, no tools required and the side panels close inside the front door that prevents thieves from stealing your windshield protection.

Conclusion: If you want a windshield snow cover that is safe and secure check out the OxGord Windshield Snow Cover. It does its job by making sure your windshield is clean and clear ready for your next winter road trip. It offers guaranteed protection against any environmental issues you may encounter while on the road. By the way, if you want to ensure proper fitting, make sure you take an accurate measurement of your windshield.


  • Easy to Install

  • Has a Thermal Shield

  • Has Anti-Theft feature

  • Provides Full Coverage

  • Protects from different kinds of weather


  • Electric Straps are not long enough for some cars

#2. FrostGuard 1 Pro Premium Winter Windshield


With the FrostGuard Premium Winter Windshield, you can say goodbye to scraping this winter as this is known as the ultimate ice scraper alternative. It allows you to save time by preventing the need to scrape, frost, snow, the ice of the front windshield. It has an easy to install Fit-Fast attachment system that makes the cover to be quickly and easily secured to the vehicle’s side view.

You are assured that FrostGuard is made to weather any weather by using durable and weather-proof materials. It is also super portable and lightweight that goes anywhere with you. The package comes with a quick-drying storage pouch, making you get rid of soggy trunks and backseats.

Conclusion: This premium windshield cover measures 61″ x 41″ gives protection and cover to the essential viewing area and wiper blades. You can conveniently put this on or off on your vehicle in a matter of seconds. Since it’s manufactures using durable, weather-resistant PVC lining that ensures a protective and reliable fit, you can rest assured that no snow, frost, and ice will come near your windshield.


  • Easy Installation and Removal

  • Comes with a Quick-dry compact pouch

  • Protects against Snow, Frost, and Ice

  • Saves you Time and Effort during dark, winter months

  • Made with Durable and Weather-Proof Materials


  • Scratches Paint

  • Can be smaller than expected

#3. Apex Automotive Snow Cover


The Apex Automotive Snow Cover allows you to say goodbye to scraping, frozen wipers, and wasting your time defrosting your windshield. This premium windshield allows car owners to save time and money by not having to go through the normal icy dilemma. The anti-theft door flaps are closed inside to ensure it has a secure fit to your windshield that effectively blocks elements.

This model gives cover to both the windshield and the wiper that prevents washer fluid from freezing and the wipers from getting stuck. The sewn-in magnetic edges give further protection against the wind that will affect the cover. The sewn-in technology also prevents scratching and scuffing of the paint and body.

Conclusion: The Apex Automotive Snow Cover is the best choice if you’re looking for a windshield cover that will give extra protection not only to your windshield and wiper but also to your car’s paint. Installing this cover is easy breezy and you can expect this to give protection from any types of winter issues.


  • Has 2 sizes available

  • Easy installation process

  • Comes with an anti-theft feature secured with magnetic edges

  • Gives protection for the wiper, windshield and the car’s paint


  • Thin and Flimsy

  • Not made to cover every car size

#4. SnowOff Car Windshield


This car windshield allows you to enjoy extra time in bed or in the warmth of your house and not having to scrape ice and snow during snowy mornings. The SnowOff Car Windshield snow cover will make your life so much easier as it comes in 2 sizes that fit cars, SUVs, trucks and RV windshields. It also has windproof straps that are attached to your wheels to keep it in place despite the high wind.

It straps very nicely and doesn’t scratch the paint on your vehicle. The anti-theft suction cups are made to secure the cover the inside of your car’s windshield and it comes with a custom fit. SnowOff also has an extra-long hood skirt that covers not just windshield but also wipers, washer fluid sprayers, and the engine well.

A good thing about SnowOff Car Windshield is that it stops encrusting of ice on the rubber wiper blade edges that causes cracks, rips, and tears. The hand-carry pouch is also very useful for easy storage. It is also simple to remove yet made from tough weather-resistant fabric.

Conclusion: The SnowOff Car Windshield is a great choice for buying a quality windshield that will last. It has easy to fit, two sizes that can fit all vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. It’s guaranteed to not blow off because of the special windproof feature. The anti-theft suction cups not only assures that the windshield will not be stolen but I also protect your car’s paint from getting scratched. With this car windshield, no more defrosting and scraping that takes a lot of time.


  • Does not scratch paint on the vehicle

  • Fits all car sizes from mediums to large

  • Has side wings for smooth fit to the windshield

  • Has extra-long hood skirts that cover wipers and sprayers


  • Too Lightweight

  • Can allow rain leaks

#5. FrostGuard NFL Premium Winter Wintershield


The NFL branded FrostGuard Windshield Cover proudly supports your NFL team while speeding up your morning routine. This is the ultimate ice scraper alternative that protects your vehicle windshield, wiper blade and side-view mirrors from snow, frost, and ice so you can start your day as quickly as possible.

It comes with a FitFast attachment system that allows the cover to be quickly and easily secured to your vehicles side view mirrors. The anti-theft security panels guard the windshield cover and help to keep it in place. It also has extra-long wiper blade covers that give protection for your wipers too.

Included in the package are full installation instructions and the NFL branded quick-dry compact pouch the serves as convenient storage of the FrostGuard if you’re not using it. This windshield cover is manufactured with high-quality specifically designed to be of the NFL brand. It is made of durable and weather-resistant materials that ensure a tight and reliable fit every time.

Conclusion: This windshield cover not only makes you say loud and proud of the NFL team that you are supporting, but it also gives your car the same level of security and protection against snow, frost, and ice. You will no longer have to allocate time just for scraping and spraying your vehicle early in the morning. With this windshield cover, you can easily drive through even the harshest winter conditions.


  • Easy Installation and Removal

  • Proudly Supports your NFL Team

  • Made with High-Quality and Durable Materials

  • Comes in 2 sizes that fit different sizes and models of vehicles


  • They don’t have all the NFL teams

  • The XL size can still be small for some trucks

#6. Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover


The Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover gets you through the winter without having to reach for any scraper at any given time. This windshield is completely waterproof, snow-proof and ice-proof that fits any name and model of vehicle. It serves as a barrier to the winter weather and you can simply pull it off before you hit the road.

This is the best buy for your money since it’s bigger, it measures 50 inches by 70 inches in size and it can cover a universal car, SUV, truck windshields. It also features N52 a rare earth magnet that keeps the exterior windshield cover anchored to your vehicle. It also comes with tie straps and security flaps to anchor inside your car and keep it in place.

The Ice King Windshield Cover eliminates the hassle of winter weather by working as a windshield snow cover and ice and frost windshield cover. All you need to do is lift it off after bad weather and you’re ready for your next adventure.

Conclusion: You can retire your ice scraper with the help of the Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover. It allows you to have a stress-free winter season by giving you car protection against snow, ice, and frost. The rare and powerful N52 magnets make sure that the exterior windshield cover stays in place.


  • Ultra-Secure

  • Has a Universal Size

  • Serves as a snow, ice and front windshield cover

  • Comes with rare earth N52 magnets fore secured grips


  • Can scratch paint

  • Freezes Windshield

  • Magnets are not strong enough

#7. Whew Car Windshield Snow Cover


This car windshield snow cover comes in 2 sides that are weather-resistant, it is also made up of durable 190T polyester black layer that absorbs heat and prevents frost, snow, and ice in the winter. The silver coating layer reduces the heat and blocks the UV ray in summer.

It has security side flaps that can be tucked into the doors and locked by strong belt buckle that can never be easily stolen. Since this has windshield has been upgraded, there’s no need to use magnets and it will never scratch the paint of your car. It’s also fully stretched to cover the windshield and wiper.

The Whew Car Windshield Snow cover is a guaranteed safeguard cover that will stay securely in place leaving you worry-free about strong winds. The longest size is 81″ x 60″ and the shortest size is 65″ x 60″ fits most automobiles from minivans and SUVs.

Conclusion: The Whew Car Windshield Snow Cover is the perfect choice is you’re looking for a cover that has dual sides. Both sides target different issues your vehicle might encounter. An added bonus is that it blocks harmful UV rays during the summer season. This might be perfect to give your friends and family, especially during the winter season.


  • Easy to Install

  • Has a Universal Fit

  • Can be easily stored

  • Has Security Side Flaps


  • Will not fit a full-size pickup

  • Magnets aren’t strong enough

#8. Tadge Goods XL Magnetic Snow Cover


The Tadge Goods Magnetic Snow Cover is uniquely designed that serves as a cover for ice, snow and freezing rain. This is safely secured by a set of 6 magnets and 4 elastic hooks that ensure the cover will stay in place despite strong winds without scratching your car. The 6 smaller magnets have been specifically designed to not scratch your precious and expensive car paint.

The material used on this windshield cover is thicker and 100% waterproof. The extra-large side mirror covers have a drawstring that will assure a good fit regardless of the car model you have. The universal size measures 86 x 70 x 54 inches (top, bottom, side) that allows to virtually fit any car.

The package comes with an emergency ice scraper and travel pouch that protects your car all season long.

Conclusion: The Tadge Goods XL Magnetic Snow Cover has listened to its customers and made sure that the magnets securing the exterior cover will never scratch the car’s paint off. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow, freezing rain and extreme wind.


  • Doesn’t Scratch the Car

  • Comes in a Universal size

  • Windproof, Waterproof, Secure

  • Comes with an Emergency Ice Scraper and Travel Storage Bag


  • Material is extremely thin

  • Does not fit some car types

#9. MATCC Car Windshield Cover


The MATCC Car Windshield cover is made with the advanced technology with a selection of high-level PVC fabric. The high-density material makes it waterproof, dust-proof, sun-proof, frost-proof and fire retardant. It keeps the windshield clean and clear.

The extra thick dual-layer design protects your car from the harmful UV damage that blocks nearly 99% of UV rays. It also helps in turning down the heat in your interior. It keeps the snow and ice during winter and the snow will not leak through the cover.

It can be easily installed and easy to use that requires no tools. The secure side flaps design is made to prevent it from falling off.

Conclusion: A good benefit of the MATCC Car Windshield Cover does its job regardless of the season. You can use this though the summer heat and prevent your car from getting UV damaged and through the winter to keep off snow, ice, and frost at bay.


  • Fits any Vehicle

  • Easy Installation

  • Has Secured side flaps

  • Can be used in different Seasons


  • Ice accumulates underneath

  • Hold moisture in your vehicle

#10. Feagar Car Sun Shade Windshield Cover


This windshield cover comes with a double-side design, the black side is for winter and the silver for summer. The front car window cover will mean that there will be zero ice or snow on your windshield in harsh winter mornings. It protects from rain, UV rays, dust, leaves, a snowstorm in all seasons.

This car windshield is made of 190T polyester fabric material that allows premium weather-proof durability. The installation process is easy breezy and the package comes in a nice handy storage bag and it’s so small when folded. With a measurement of 81″ x 59″, it can definitely fit most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Conclusion: The Faegar Car Sun Shade is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a windshield that will protect your car both in the summer and in the winter. The high-quality material allows for all weather-proof durability. And with the size that it has, it can definitely fit most cars.


  • Fits most cars

  • Has a double-side design

  • Easy to Install and Store

  • Made with weather-proof durable materials


  • Materials used are too thin

Buying Tips for Frost Guard

Here are some of the features you need to look out for when buying the best frost guard for your car.

Dual Weather Protection
Some of the models available in the market offer a frost guard that can be used for all seasons, mainly summer and winter. This can be a very handy feature that means you get twice the product for your investment. Having dual weather protection allows you to give protection to your car from snow, frost, ice and even the harmful UV rays.

Side View Protection
A couple of frost guard models also offer protection for your side-view mirrors. They work like gloves for your mirrors, you can easily slip it over the body of the mirror to prevent snow and ice build-up there. Not all models offer this, so if you can get a frost guard that has this yet still has a competitive price, grab on that deal.

Securing Points
This is the most important feature of the frost guard design. The securing points will tell you more about how they are going to be secured in your vehicle. Most designs have side panels that are shut in the doors but it may come as an optional extra. These securing points will also tell you how durable the frost guard is against extreme weather conditions.

The straps serve as a very practical and hardwearing way that adds extra strength to the frost guard’s attachment. The can get a little shaky in bad weather but when a guard blowing in the wind can make looping and tightening straps harder than usual.

Magnets can help create an excellent seal that keeps the moisture away from your car’s windshield. The downside of magnets is that they will only work if the metal they’re attached to is free of snow and ice. If you live in a place that has a lot of snow and ice falling, this might not be the best option for you since you need to clear it away before attaching the guard.

Easy Installation and Removal
Look for a frost guard that offers an easy installation process that will not require the use of any tools. Most offer an easy installation process that one doesn’t need to be a scientist to perform. Some models can be easily installed and can be easily removed also.

Final Conclusion

Looking for the best frost guard for your car is not that difficult. If you’re looking for a frost guard that will come in handy regardless of any season, whether summer or winter, it is highly recommended that you try the Faegar Car Sun Shade Windshield Cover. It offers all the other benefits that a windshield offers but with an added protection against harmful UV rays. It also comes with a proven fact there will be zero snow or ice that you’ll catch early on in the morning.