One of the best seasons is wintertime. You can play in the snow, have fun with friends, and enjoy different kinds of winter sports and activities. And lately, people are raving about a new kind of outdoor wintertime toy, and that is a snow scooter. Think of a scooter minus the wheels, and you have a snow scooter to play safely in the snow. If you’re looking for a new snow toy, then a snow scooter must be it. Here are the five best of the best for you.


Have fun in the snow or even on the grass with the GeoSpace Original LED Ski Skooter. This is a fold-up snowboard for kids that may be used on snowy hills, flat, snow-covered streets, or in mountain slopes. It is easy to use just like a scooter; just slide one foot to move forward.

This Ski Skooter has an LED light module that provides maximum visibility and safety. The LED lamps have five different colors capable of flashing, strobe lights, and fade mode. This is made from a very strong polyurethane material that can flex for a smooth ride. The handle may be folded up to maintain balance and will help you steer better. The handle has a circular design for an easy grip plus hand positioning.

The GeoSpace LED Ski Skooter is for kids that are 6+ older and also for adults. You can fold down the handle if you want to keep it away or for transport. This is available in a variety of colors.

Conclusion: The GeoSpace LED Ski Skooter is designed to provide endless snow fun. It has safety LED lights and will move only when pushed, so it’s safe to use on flat snow. It is made from durable materials and is foldable if you want to keep it away. There are hardly any flaws with this snow scooter, so we highly recommend this as your next snow toy.


  • With fold-up handle

  • Safety LED lights module

  • Enhanced circular handle

  • Made of superior materials

  • Available in different colors


  • Does not include safety gear

#2. Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter Sledge Folding Ski Snowboard


The Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter is available in black-red and black –blue. This is a snow scooter that’s made from very durable hard plastic, which will surely give you years of use. The scooter surface is slightly textured, so you’ll stay safe as you use it.

It comes with a handlebar that will move according to where you want to go. Control which direction you want to go just by using this flexible handle. And when you’re done scooting, the handlebar may be placed down or folded down to keep the snow scooter away.

This snow scooter can be kept anywhere like your cabinet, under the bed or under the couch because it folds down to a small piece. You can also take this to where you want to ride because it is light and can be easily placed inside a bag or backpack.

And when it comes to safety, the anti-slip surface where the feet rests will keep riders secure as they slide the slopes.

However, the handles are too small, which may be difficult to hold if you have large hands. The snow scooter is made entirely of plastic, which means it won’t be too long when these cracks or warp. But as long as you properly use this snow scooter, then an all-plastic body may not be a problem at all.

Conclusion: The Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter Sledge Folding Ski is a snowboard with a grip handle. It is made of durable plastic material that riders can use to shred through snowy hills and sidewalks. It has non-slip footrests and easy turning plastic handles. But there are some flaws of this snow scooter which you must never overlook, so think before you consider buying this snow scooter.


  • With non-slip surface

  • Easy to use as a scooter

  • Allows you to maintain balance

  • Lightweight, easy to carry anywhere

  • Foldable to a small package, easy to stash anywhere


  • Very small handles

  • Body made entirely of plastic

#3. Slippery Racer Downhill Ski Scooter Snow Sled


The Slippery Racer is a downhill ski scooter that can also be used on snowy banks and even on grass. Looking at this ski scooter, there’s a built-in backside guard rail that will allow you to accelerate smoothly. Just push with your foot and slide like you would when you ride a regular scooter.

The handles are circular/oval in shape with a circular grip. With this design, you can hold on to the handles and remain as safe as you ride. This handle is also foldable so you can take it down and fold the scooter away when not in use. From a large scooter, it will fold to a flat board in just mere seconds so you can keep this under the bed or in a closet.

This racer is ideally for kids, and it could break if an adult uses it because it’s only made from hard plastic. Also, there are no other safety features in this snow scooter, which is why using a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads are required.

Conclusion: The Slippery Racer downhill ski scooter snow sled is basically a sled with a handle. It is made entirely of hard plastic, therefore, caution is needed when using this scooter. It has a foldable handlebar for easy storage and transport plus a built-in backside guard for smoother and flawless acceleration. There are a few flaws to this ski scooter, so we advise you to consider the pros and cons before choosing this product.


  • Made for kids

  • Durable handle

  • Foldable handlebar

  • With backside guards

  • Easy to store and transport


  • No LED lights

  • Not for adults

  • No safety surface

#4. Railz Original Snow Sled Ski Scooter for Kids and Adults


The Railz Original Snow Sled Ski has a unique design. Think of this as a scooter on a sled because the handle and the footrest are over sled-like platforms. This design allows this scooter to move on the ice and snow safely. The Railz Snow scooter is the first type of snow scooter approved by ski resorts. You can now take this scooter to your favorite ski resort.

This scooter is adjustable. People from 5 to 95 can use this to play in the snow. It can accommodate people up to 200 pounds with no need to take lessons and use the additional gear. You can go as fast or as slow as you want.

The Railz patented skis, and SnowBrake keeps you safe as you ride away. It comes with adjustable handlebars, which may be adjusted from 30 to 35 inches for youth and adults. Instead of plastic, this snow scooter is made from very durable materials. It has an aluminum deck, welded T-bar design, and an adjustable handle that can also be folded away after storage.

This snow scooter may need assembly when you take it home. Tools are included when you purchase this scooter, and it is covered by a money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: The Railz Snow Sled Ski is a snow scooter that’s for all ages. It can accommodate riders of up to 200 pounds, and there’s no special gear to ride it. It is made from durable materials and is completely adjustable. This unique snow scooter may be the one you’re looking for to play in the snow this year.


  • For all ages

  • Ski-resort approved

  • Completely adjustable

  • With skis and snow brakes

  • Made of durable materials


  • Heavy to use

  • Needs some assembly

  • Not easy to keep and store away

#5. The Lakeside Collection Snow Scooter


The Lakeside Collection Snow Scooter is a sled with a handle that is made of strong polyethylene. Because of this, it can accommodate kids 8 years old and above. Kids can glide on snow, slide down a hill or use this to move around the grass. It is a snow scooter with a slightly higher back, easy-grip handle, and foldable handle. A child can easily hold the handle and scoot away with ease.

And after the fun is over, you can fold this away and keep it as a flat package. Once you fold this down, you may now place it under your bed, your cabinet, or in your storage area.

Conclusion: The Lakeside Collection snow scooter is one of the sleekest toys in the slope. It is made of polyethylene, therefore, it’s durable. It can hold up to 200 pounds of weight and is recommended for kids 8 years old and older. However, it is made entirely of plastic, which may not be as durable.


  • Foldable

  • With round handles
  • Can hold up to 200 pounds

  • Made of strong polyethylene

  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere


  • Made entirely out of plastic

Buyer’s Guide

Made from durable materials
The best snow scooter has to be made from sturdy materials since it will be used day after day by a child or by an adult. Some durable materials include aluminum and very hard plastic. But remember, hard plastic and other strong materials also have their weak points, so you need to follow the right weight capacity of the scooter.

Easy to set up and to keep afterward
The snow scooter has to be easy to set up and to keep. The most common design is the fold-away handle, which is easy to set and to keep right after use.

Safety features
Choose snow scooters with safety features like a rough footplate to reduce slipping, rounded handles for an easy and safe grip, and more. A snow scooter that’s for a child should not be used by an adult, and a scooter built for an adult is definitely not a child’s plaything.

And be it a child or an adult, wearing safety gear is a must. A helmet, knee pads, and an elbow pad are necessary. Wear appropriate winter attire together with your safety gear. Always wear winter boots to have a better grip in the snow.

LED lighting
The LED lighting is found in some snow scooters, and this adds to the safety of the rider. As much as possible, a snow scooter with built-in LED lights is your choice. But if this is not available, wear body safety gear/LED lights such as lights on your snow cap, boots, or removable LED lamps on the scooter itself. Remember, it’s hard to see in the snow, and LED lights can save you if you’re riding or playing in the snow with other people.

Should be lightweight, easy to carry
As much as possible, a lightweight scooter should be your choice. A light scooter means you can take it up a hill without breaking your back! A scooter that’s made of plastic is the lightest than the one made from metal or steel. And usually, a plastic scooter is the choice for young kids while a metal one is for adults.

Final Conclusion

Of the five best snow scooters we have on our list, we strongly recommend the GeoSpace LED Ski Skooter. We chose this snow scooter because of several reasons. First, it is designed for fun since it can be used on any snowy surface and even on a grassy area. It is also safe, which is very important for a snow scooter. It has safety LED lights that can signal people that the rider is nearby.

This scooter will move only when pushed, so it’s safe on flat snow. It is made from durable materials so you can use this year after year. It is foldable, so it’s easy to keep when not in use. There are only a few flaws with this snow scooter, so we recommend this as a new snow toy this winter.

And if you think that the GeoSpace LED Ski Skooter is the best snow scooter for you, check this out at this link.