Why Buy This Product?

The EGO LM2102SP 21 in. 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Mower Kit delivers quality-cutting performance with its brushless motor. The 56-Volt 7.5Ah ARC Lithium battery can give you around 60 minutes of running time. Navigating large areas is easy with the self-propelling function of the EGO lawnmower as well.


EGO is a tool producer that has been in business since 1993. Throughout the years, EGO has been working on making landscaping tools that run on electricity and delivers on performance. One of the innovative techs they came up with is the ARC Lithium 56 V battery that generates nearly the same power as other traditional gas engines. The EGO LM2102SP is one of the lawnmowers that use this battery.

The LM2102SP makes full use of the 56 V battery to power the 21″ inch blade and the propelling mechanism. This allows you to use the mower to maintain wide areas easily since you do not need to push the machine, you just need to direct it.

Can the LM2102SP give you the cutting performance you need in maintaining your outdoor space? Does the mower have other features that are useful for you? Read our review on EGO’s lawnmower to find the answer to these two questions.

Product Review


LM2102SP major feature is its high capacity 7.5Ah 56 V ARC Lithium battery. This allows you to run the mower for up to 60 minutes. The run time is enough for the mower to cover more than an acre’s worth of grass. When the battery is out of power, you can quickly get the mower back running with the quick charge feature. In just 30 minutes, a completely drained battery can reach full charge status.

To make full use of the battery, the LM2102SP has a load sensor. It allows the motor to know if you are going through a thick patch of grass or just a few outgrowths. This helps the motor determine how much energy to utilize in cutting certain grass. Because of this, the LM2102SP can efficiently utilize the battery so you can cover more ground without wasting energy.

Another stand out the trait of the battery is its durability. The casing design allows the battery to withstand certain physical damages. It can even prevent a spray of water from reaching into the sensitive inner components because of its IPX4 resistance. However, this rating does not protect the battery or even the mower itself from the rain as well as strong jets of water.

While the LM2102SP can generate enough drive to cut through thick grass, the unit barely makes any sound. Washing machines make a louder sound than this EGO electric mower. You can be sure that the LM2102SP will barely bother anyone because of the noise as you use the mower to maintain the lawn.

Moving the LM2102SP requires a significant amount of effort since it is nearly 60 lbs. Fortunately, this is what the self-propellant features become handy. The mower will move while you direct its cutting motion with the handle. Slopes are also not a problem since the mower can easily move through them. In fact, the LM2102SP can even pull itself up a slightly steep hill without stalling.

What makes this impressive is that the battery can power the propelling system and blades for up to 60 minutes. Both factors are great for tackling large areas. In addition, you can set the speed of the mower so you can set it to run at a comfortable pace.

You can adjust the mower’s cutting height from 1.5″ to 4″ inches. The options allow you to pick the right grass height for your outdoor space. In addition, you have three options on how the mower discards the grass it cuts. This includes sending the clippings to the attached bag. Another is to send all clippings through a side discharge chute.

The third option is to turn clippings into mulch or fine particles. These particles should be able to become a natural fertilizer to your lawn as it decomposes. However, the mulching capabilities of the LM2102SP is not at par with most lawnmowers. The blade tends to get stuck as it tries to create mulch or the clippings are too big to decompose immediately and become fertilizer.

The EGO lawnmower has an instant-start button. Instead of revving the motor to get the mower to start working, you just need to push the button. In addition, the propelling function button is on the handle so you can start and stop the mower from moving.

The mower’s handle has an adjustable length. Simply open the clips on both sides of the handle to change its length. When you need to store the mower, you can fold the handle over the mower. This allows the LM2102SP to fit small spaces.


  • Does not produce too much noise

  • Can operate for up to 60 minutes

  • Can withstand a small splash of water

  • Complete charging only takes 30 minutes

  • Different cutting height allows for custom lawn look

  • The self-propelled feature allows anyone to operate the mower


  • Not safe to use during the rain

  • The mulching option is insufficient


Specs and Features

  • Instant-start button

  • Load bearing sensor

  • Three discard options

  • IPX4 water resistance

  • Quick charge function

  • 21″ inch cutting width

  • Self-propelled function

  • 56 V ARC Lithium battery

  • Adjustable cutting height

Final Verdict

EGO LM2102SP makes a great mower for medium to large sized outdoor spaces. The self-propelled function will let you operate the mower for a long time without putting too much strain on your joints or back. The ARC battery also provides plenty of power to the blade when handling nearly any kind of grass on the field.

The mower does have its limitations such as the lack of water resistance against rain and its underpowered mulching performance. On the other hand, the long running time and features of the mower make up for any shortcomings.