Modern car models boast huge touchscreen displays that use real operating systems. Some even come with built-in rear camera systems which are designed to work with these screens so that you can see the view from the immediate rear. With this in mind, Garmin came up with an idea to produce a backup camera that solves this concern. One particular model is the Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera.

About the Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

The Garmin BC 30 Wireless backup camera model is considered as a signatory product of the brand. If you are looking for a reliable rearview camera, this is the best option for you. We recommend it for car owners, thanks to its features. This model is also one of the official accessories included in the Garmin NUVI devices. The overall build of this camera is pretty rugged and solid enough to deal with harsh elements and weather conditions.



1. Overall Performance
One of the advantages of using this device is its amazing performance. It offers compatibility with GPS navigator, which is why it is efficient when it comes to detecting rear-objects. This means that you will not find it difficult to detect obstructions including pedestrians, vehicles, as well as other objects which would otherwise be not visible behind your back.

Observing rear objects becomes easier with this model. For one, the position of the transmitter from the device makes it possible, with a distance of 45 feet. This provides the assurance that you can see objects from the rear without any challenge. This model uses a 1/3.7-type CMOS sensor, along with a low 640×480 resolution.

This means that a camera is a good option, with decent features that will give you quality images in the daytime. It also features a camera angle of 140 degrees horizontal, and 115 degrees vertical. The actual quality may also vary depending on certain factors in any given situation, such as the time of the day, and the location.

2. Price
This model is affordable. In fact, it is one that serves as a perfect alternative to the more expensive models out there. Still, despite its affordability, the performance is not affected. Even though it is a high-end product, provided that you use the right GPS navigator, it can also operate better compared to other expensive models on the market.

When purchasing this product, you can expect amazing value for your money. This model features everything that you need to allow you to observe all rear items in real time without any hassle.

3. Installation
The Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera model is easy to install. Still, we recommend that you ask the assistance of professionals to actually have the system installed for you. If you have tried installing it before, and you think that you can do it on your own, installing is pretty easy. To make things easier, Garmin also provides a total of 6 video tutorials which can guide you with the installation process.

Most of the items that you need to install the camera are given, ready to use. Unpacking the device is also not difficult because it comes in an easy-to-unpack box. As long as you install it really well, you can expect the best output from this rearview camera.

As a note, to install the device, you need to have the Garmin BC 30 extension cable. It also comes when ordering the product.

4. Portability
This model is small enough to make it very portable. It does not serve as an obstruction when used. It easily transmits footages even to a distance of up to 45 feet. This is a benefit on your part because you can see anything which may pose as a threat to the safety of your car, or something that you may hit from the back. Another important feature is the fact that you can easily connect the transmitter to four cameras at the same time.

These features can easily enhance the overall efficiency of the product because it allows you to see all the objects from the rear without any difficulty. On top of that, you can use it at nighttime and still be able to observe things really well. Portability wise, this is a user-friendly wireless rearview camera, allowing you to expect real value for your money upon getting the product.


  • Highly efficient

  • Affordable enough

  • Easy and simple to install

  • Can use up to 4 cameras at any given time

  • Easy-to-follow instruction videos provided by the manufacturer


  • Does not come with all accessories needed

  • The video quality may be disappointing at times


1. Question: Does Garmin BC 30 Wireless backup camera come with night vision features?
Answer: This model does not offer any type of night vision features. It is designed to work with the lighting system of your car. This only means that it works with illumination and light that comes from your car during dark hours.

2. Question: Can this device be mounted on a truck?
Answer: This model is specially designed to be placed on a license plate, and recommended this way in order to expect the best out of this product.

3. Question: How is the Image Quality produced by this device at night?
Answer: Despite the fact that this product is not designed as an IR camera, the image quality is not affected. In fact, the image quality stays clear even at night time.


If you plan to get a backup camera for your car, it is recommended to consider getting this Garmin BC 30 wireless backup camera. Its features will allow you to observe all angles surrounding your car, but most especially the blind spots from the rear side. As a recommendation, it is best to ask the assistance of professionals to install the product for you. Overall, comparing the pros and cons of this product, this is one model that will give you good quality output, without sacrificing your budget.