It is important to keep your front or back lawn neat and tidy for aesthetic and safety purposes. A good lawn mower offers versatility that provides you variety of benefits that are on the positive impression. Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower 16-inch 10 Amp Corded has come a long way. In this article, let’s see how this lawn mower performs in the actual grass cutting.


Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower 16-inch 10 Amp Corded is known for its performance and dependability. It provides a clear running alternative to battery-operated and gas-powered lawn mowers since it is corded. Its exterior consists of a poly plastic design indication of its durability. It has a durable frame that guarantees strength performance. It has a structure with the combinations of plastic, steel, and rubber making it suitable for all varieties of grass.

Aside from its durable exterior, it has a powerful motor that can handle a rigid cutting of grass. This lawn mower is targeted at the residential market that can be used on a regular basis without being hassled. Among the lawn mower machines in the market, this lawn mower has at least 50 percent fewer vibration capacities in partnered with its noise-free operation.

Technical Specifications


Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower 16-inch 10 Amp Corded is a top-selling electric lawn mower that is efficient for use and its durability. It has 6-inch front wheels and 7-inch rear wheels with 5 position height adjustments of about 5/8 – 2 5/8″ (1.7 – 6.7 cm) capabilities that have a cutting width of about 16 inches and has a weight of 39 lbs (17.7 kg). Its overall dimensions are 28.4 x 15.8 x 20.3 (L x W x H) inches. It has sharp helical rotating blades that are attached to the rotating shaft. It has a motor capability of 120V AC, 10 Amp, 60 Hz.

Even though it doesn’t have any discharge option, it is not a problem because it has a collection bag to ensure that there is no mess that will be left behind.

Since it is a double insulated lawn mower, it eliminates the use of a usual three-wire grounded power cord and grounded power supply system. It also consists of 4 pieces cam lock assay partnered up with 2 cam lock cover and cam lock base to ensure that the parts are securely held in place.

Operation and Functionality

An extension cord is not included in the package. Purchasing a heavy duty extension cord is necessary to carry the current that the lawn mower produces. A 150-foot extension cord should be 12 AWG, a 100-foot extension cord should be 14 AWG, and the 50-foot extension cord should be 16 AWG. These are the only specification of the cord that can fit in the cord lock feature. This lawn mower is equipped with a polarized plug, thus it also requires a polarized extension cord.

It is designed to operate on a 15A circuit. If it has difficulty starting, do not use a fuse or circuit breaker that has a rating that is higher than the specified. Even though it is built to last longer it still has a 4-year warranty that does not cover the normal wear issues, inoperative parts due to misuse and normal deterioration of external use. All safety features are included in the manual as well as the step by step process on how to operate it.


  • Its small characteristics make it easy to maneuver

  • It consists of a mulch plug and grass clippings collection bag

  • It’s powerful 10 Amp motor exhibits enough power to perform through tough grass

  • There are two options in discharging the grass clippings: rear discharge and the mulch

  • It has 2-in-1 mowing functioning that offers choices of mulching and rear discharge capabilities

  • It makes it easy to maneuver on uneven terrain because of its 7″ rear wheels and 6″ front wheels

  • It is easy to install and store, it would take you 15mins to put it up since the only unassembled is the handle grip

  • It consists of a cam lock handle that has integrated cord lock properties that prevents accidental cord disconnection


  • It is easy to operate, maneuver and maintain

  • Its high power still gives a great balance of maneuverability

  • Because its lightweight, the push behind the operation is not difficult

  • Cuts and collects grass efficiently because of its bagging and mulching capabilities

  • Its incredible option for height adjustability makes it perfect for all types of grass

  • Its aesthetics is not only appealing to the eyes but its built is for easy maintenance


  • It can overheat even at a short period of time

  • It limits the target market because of its small size

  • It has a small catcher bag that may require the user to unload it frequently

Facts About This Lawn Mower

Greenworks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25142

1. It runs by an extension cord, its motor runs for 10 amps means that it is compatible with a household power outlet.
2. A 14 gauge AWG cable is recommended to avoid line voltage problems that are why choosing the right cable cord is crucial because when the line voltage is damaged, there is a tendency that the main lawn mower will be damaged as well.
3. If you’ve used a lawn mower before, it is an assurance the use of this mower is pretty much the same.
4. It feels like you are not pushing anything with its small and lightness features though it is not self-propelled.
5. There is a consistent power as long as there are no power interruptions.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of lawn mowers in the market to choose from but each lawn mower differs in type, specifications, and usage depending on what you need. It is important to do a comparison shopping for you to have detailed information about the pros and cons to maximize the value of your money. Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower 16-inch 10 Amp Corded boast its superb functionalities and great features that can be lined up to be the best.