Why Buy This Product?

People want to look great and maintain their neat look by having regular shaving. However, the results of every shave can vary depending on the kind of shaver that is being used. Typically, we always go for efficiency when we look for the best shaver. But it also pays well to also consider comfort while shaving.

Philips Norelco manufactures electric shavers that are popular in the market. But Philips Norelco 7500 is something to look into.

Philips Norelco 7500 is one of the best shavers in the market nowadays. Philips Norelco, the manufacturer of Norelco 7500, actually affirmed that this model is very gentle and so far the best electric shaver model for the sensitive skin.

The shaver is simply washed in running water and it comes along with a charging and cleaning station. The solution used in the cleaning cartridge is free from alcohol to be tender to the skin.

Specs and Features

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 7500

Rounded Shaving Blades
Philips Norelco 7500 is a rotary type electric shaver and it has three rounded blades in the head. These blades are structured with an exclusive anti-friction coating to safeguard the sensitive skin and give a soothing dry shave. The blades will conveniently slide through the skin and give you a much soothing shaving experience each time.

Vigorous Elastic Head
The shaving head is created with vigorous elastic technology. Understanding this concept, this shaving head is able to tilt in five various directions to track the outline of the face and the neck with no effort. Since it is characterized as waterproof, you can either use it in the shower or in the sink, and it performs efficiently with shaving foam and gel.

Precision Blades
This shaver is 100% equipped with aquatic technology that lets the user to either use it in wet or dry. Thus, there is a probability to have the desired atmosphere in shaving.

Smart and Simple Cleaning System
As stated earlier, this shaver has an instant cleaning and charging station. With a simple pressing of a button, the shaver will instantly do the cleaning through the station.

Aside from cleaning and charging, the shaver is also being lubricated and makes it ready for the succeeding use.
Dry cleaning is also an option through a cleaning brush and then has the unit washed in running water.

Travel Lock
The shaver is equipped with travel lock functionality. Having this characteristic, you have to option to lock the unit if you intend to keep it over a long period of time or scheduled for travel. By locking the unit, it will be prevented from being turned on accidentally.

The battery of Philips 7500 is a compelling and rechargeable lithium-ion. This battery has a normal life span of 50 minutes of uninterrupted shaving and is equal to 17 counts of 3-minute shaves. It takes an hour to fully charge the battery. Although this unit has no option for corded-use, its fast-charging characteristic gives sufficient power for a single shave. Fast charging gives a complete shave with only 5 minutes of charging.

The shaver also has an AC adaptor for charging the shaver or connecting the cleaning and charging station. This AC adaptor is able to complement the universal voltage (100V-240V)

SmartClick Precision Trimmer

In addition to the accessories is the precision trimmer head. This allows the user to trim the long beards prior to shaving. This trimmer is also applicable for the sizing of the mustache and sideburns.

Although other existing shavers have slide-out or pop-up trimmers in portraying the facial hair and sideburns, the Philips Norelco 7500 needs you to reverse attachments to trim. Nevertheless, the trimmer still functions great and is not hard to fasten and take out.

A Hulky Premium Store Case
The item comes with a lustrous design exceptional case that can only take minimal space in your traveling bag. Also, this casing has an in-built ventilation compartment that keeps the unit dry and free from germs at all time.

Product Warranty
Philips Norelco 7500 electric shaver has a 2-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. However, one must know the normal warranty guidelines. Damages in the shaver that are caused by misuse/abuse, accident, or lack of care may void the warranty.

LED Display
Philips Norelco 7500 has an approachable LED display. It displays the battery level, battery low indicator, and travel lock indicator, and more. It also has the facility of reminding the user when it is about time to have the shaver cleaned and replaced the shaving heads.

The multi-purpose LED display the following indicators

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 7500 for Sensitive Skin

Low battery indicator – Once the shaves require the battery to be charged and the battery is near empty, the indicator will blink in orange and a beep will be heard.

Charging indicator – Once you connect the shaver in an electrical outlet, you will notice a continuous flashing of the battery indicator. The indicator will eventually stop flashing after 30 minutes of charging.

Quick charge – If you connect the unit in an electrical outlet, the battery will give the shaver sufficient juice after 5 minutes of battery charging. This is enough to serve one shaving. This is particularly applicable for emergency shaves if you do not have ample time to complete a full charging.

Plug indicator – This indicator is lit once you connect the shaver in an electrical outlet.

Replacement shaving head indicator – This indicator will serve as a reminder that it is time o charge the shaving head. Philips Norelco suggested that every after 12 months of usage, you must change the shaving head. To ensure the best performance of the shaver, the shaver head must be replaced regularly.

Cleaning reminded indicator – This indicator will lit every after usage to clean the blades and the shaver head.

Travel lock indicator – This will display the status of the unit whether it is locked or not.
Philips Norelco 7500 is definitely satisfactory and budget efficient. With all the useful features that this shaver has, one should really consider getting it.

Philips Norelco 7500 is definitely satisfactory and budget efficient. With all the useful features that this shaver has, one should really consider getting it.