Philips Norelco S9311/87 9300 Shaver demonstrates the wide competence of Philip’s in terms of the definitiveness in manufacturing technologically excellent products. This shaver is appropriately structured for the comfort of handling and displays three flexible shave heads that are ideal for discerning the facial aspects and individual lines of a person without inducing soreness or cuts. Operated along with the Precision Trimmer, this shaver is able to manage the most resilient mustaches, stubble, or beards in either dry or wet shave.

Philips Norelco has established a long story in creating home nurturing products of superior quality while considering individual preferences and needs. Some of the leading characteristics of this shaver are the Contour Detect Technology, V-Track Precision Blades, and it’s fascinating SmartClean System. The S9311/87 9300 Shaver has earned recommendations and praises as well as awards and recognition for the persistently enormous quality and convenient shave given.



Philips Norelco S9311/87 9300 Shaver is an excellent shaver manufactured by Philips which has been constructed to offer a steadily close and convenient shave starting from the first usage up to the last. Many customers are satisfied and happy with how this shaver works.

This shaver has a smooth and powerful handle that gives long-lasting comfort in every stroke of shaving turning the experience enjoyable and unwinding. Because of the exclusive design of S9311/87, this shaver has been given the iF Design Award way back 2015. This award acknowledges superiority in design throughout the whole world. Its displays give plenty of information to the user through its clear and visible LED panel counting in the Replace Shaving Head indicator, 5 levels of the battery indicator, Travel Lock indicator, Battery Low indicator, and Cleaning indicator.

All these features were carefully structured to let the user know without having to mess up the shaver itself. For customization, Philips Norelco S9311/87 counts in three various personal comfort set up: Gentle, Quick, and Fast, which positions the speed according to the taste of the user as well as their skin texture and type. A lot of users were able to confirm the achievement of smooth skin through S9311/87.

This is in no doubt achievable through the V-Track Precision Blades and Contour Detect Technology of Philips Norelco’s. These V-Track Precision Blades are structured to ascend the hair into the best cutting position that not only leads to a closer shave – that is 30% closer, however also a more convenient shave, reducing the requirement for the shaver to rub too much the skin and triggers irritation.

The Contour Detect Technology, on the other hand, facilitates in setting this product far from the other choices in the market. This technology lets each one of the three shaving heads to act individually in 8 paths in order to trail each curve and face feature of a person. As an outcome, every pass may cut up to 20% more hair compared to other types of electric shavers.

S9311/87 is amazing as both a dry and wet electric shaver with AquaTec Wet and Dry Technology and is able to function well harmoniously in either case. The cleaning of the shaving gel is as easy as putting it beneath running water since the shaver is entirely washable. Nevertheless, for comprehensive cleaning, the SmartClean System is the perfect match to this superior quality electric shaver. This said SmartClean System does not only give a comprehensive cleaning in the shaver heads however it also greases and dries them and also charge the unit itself. With the easy push in the button, the shaver is set to become entirely ready for a neat and convenient shave.

Philips Norelco S9311/87 only have one cartridge for cleaning that will give for a series of uses relying on the regularity of usage, even though the replacements may be bought separately. For setting the sideburns, mustaches, and beards, the S9311/87 has an adjustable Precision Trimmer.

Even though many users are highly satisfied with this product because of its efficiency and durability, the product is still covered with a 2-year full warranty, 30 days of return guarantee, and 360 degrees’ assistance for order support – everything from Philips Norelco. Philips Norelco S9311/87 9300 Electric Shaver is created from numbers of years of constructing brilliance and time-proven logics in order to provide a manner of shaving experience for any person who uses it.

Main Features


1. V-Track Precision Blades – Make a more convenient shaving by putting every hair in the best cutting placement.

2. Contour Detect Technology – Independently shaving heads acts in 8 paths tracing each curve of the person’s face.

3. Personal Comfort Settings – Offers an exclusive and customized shave for every user. Three available comfort settings: Gentle, Quick, and Fast let an individual acquire the best shave based on their hair type and skin.

4. SmartClean System – It uses a formula that is skin-friendly and alcohol-free to clean the head of the shaver through a self-governing unit. This system works to clean, grease, dry, and charge the unit keeping it in the best condition all the time. It is important that the unit is well maintained, otherwise it may not be able to stay longer.


  • Travel Pouch

  • SmartClean System

  • 2-Year Guarantee

  • AquaTec Wet and Dry

  • Completely washable

  • 30-Day Return Guarantee

  • V-Track Precision Blades

  • Contour Detect Technology

  • Super Lift and Cut Action

  • Ergonomic Grip and Handling

  • SmartClick Precision Trimmer

  • Display: Replace Shaving Head indicator, 5 levels of battery indicator, Travel Lock indicator, Battery Low indicator, and Cleaning indicator


  • Limited attachments

  • Only 50 minutes shaving period

  • One 1 cleaning cartridge is included

In choosing for your kind of shaver, it is important that you choose the one that fits you best. You must clearly know about your preferences and taste so you can easily isolate the choices. However, with Philips Norelco S9311/87 you will surely find the satisfaction in using it. We all want to groom ourselves and become presentable to the public. Thus, it will be such a help if you get an effective tool that will help you maintain your good look and S9311/87 should be in your top list.