Why Buy This Product?

Appearance matters. It’s important for people to look good for personal satisfaction. That is why most people spend a lot of time to style or shave out their hair or beards. The Philips Norelco Beard and Head Trimmer Series 5100 astounds every shaver. It’s an easy and fast way to do the shaving.

It’s an all-package trimming system convenient for use in your head or beard consequently. It’s modernly designed with an aesthetic grip for clear and smooth shaving. It’s driven with a versatile perfection, cutting different hair length settings.

Its blades are sharp and smooth enough to cut hairs. It’s driven with power, sophistication, and excellent shaving performance at all occasions.


It’s a man’s regular habit to shave the beards and hairs. Thus, it’s essential that you’ll be able to buy a shaver that perfectly trims even the most complicated angled hairlines. Aside from that, it’s essential that you’ll find a shaver that will keep your shaving experience fast and convenient as well. However, as easy as it looks, you will have a bit of difficulty in searching for there are a lot of shavers available in the market today.

The Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100 will take your breath away. It’s a flexible shaver with great design and quality. It’s highly immersed with a dynamic shaving system that will get you any hairstyle that you wanted. If you’re interested in purchasing this shaver, then you’d better follow through this page to know more.

Specs and Features Review

Philips Norelco Beard & Head trimmer Series 5100 Review

Here are some features of the Philips Norelco & Beard Trimmer Series 5100

a. Battery Performance (5/5)
This is sleek. It has a built-in advanced lithium-ion battery with a 70-minute of cordless use. The package also comes with an AC adapter that could be utilized for charging. Nevertheless, it could be fully charged for at least an hour.

Though, you could use the shaver while also charging it. Furthermore, it’s recommended to have a LED battery indicator for a better grasp on its battery activity. However, this ain’t necessary since it could be used while charging it.

b. Shaving Strength (4/5)
Its blades are strong, made from stainless steel. It has self-sharpening blades with dual cut capability that gives it the most shaving power as needed.

Aside from that, it’s driven with the innovative and trim technology that shaves any curves on your face. It’s entirely reliable for long term use that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Just be careful and don’t overdo it. You’ll be able to get hurt, could irritate, and even cause wounds if not treated lightly.

c. Trimming Length Versatility (4/5)
It’s incorporated with a very flexible and multiple length hairs cutting feature. In fact, it’s the main highlight of this shaver. Respectively, it has 17 built-in highly precise length settings from 0.4 mm to 3 mm.

It includes three hair trimming attachments that could be shifted from one to another as needed. This feature has truly manifested by the shaver. However, it seems to still limitedly range. It’s not intended also for use in the nose or ear. Being its highlight, the trim capability should be widened for more flexible performance.

d. Ease of Use (4/5)
Looking at the device, you’ll be able to be a bit confused on how to use it. The zoom wheel seems hard to understand within the first use. However, later on, you’ll be able to figure out how to use it. You’ll just have to roll it according to what length you wanted. It’s suggested to try on the shortest length and slowly move it until you’ve reached the optimum hair length.

Aside from that, the power button seems okay. You’ll just press it to turn off or on as needed.

e. Build and Design (4/5)
As to its appearance, the silver body and black sides makes the shaver edgier. Its comfortable grip with its parabolic and curve-like shape. However, its body is mostly built with plastic, not too heavy, though still made from quality material.

It feels good, yet a bit awkward upon shaving the jawline or to any sensitive areas. The blades are placed weirdly causing less shave with irritation.

f. Cleaning Capability (4/5)
We give this a three because it lacks cleaning equipment. The only thing included in the package is a small brush which does help yet limitedly upon cleaning the shaver.

For deep cleaning, you’ll have to disassemble the trimming head or even the shaver and run water thoroughly with it. However, this rarely happens. You’ll just have to rinse it as needed.

g. Price (5/5)
The quality and performance of the shaver match the price it has given. It works thoroughly as it was advertised to. However, you have to spend a lot with the replacement parts might as well with the delivery from the manufacturer. It offers a five-year warranty for its users.


  • Five Year Warranty

  • Long Term Battery Capability

  • Smooth and Comfortable Shaving

  • Multiple Hair Trimming Length Settings


  • Not so Durable Body

Overall Impression

trimmer Series 5100 Review

Philips is one of the most reputable shaving brands in the world. Its well-crafted from its years of experience and expertise in creating high-quality shavers that are highly engineered and design for customer convenience.

As for this shaving product, it’s definitely a must-have for those men who want to shave their beards or hairs. It’s convenient for use for trimming hairs at ranging lengths. It has strong and sharp blades for secure hair cutting most especially on dense or short hairs.

Overall, it’s a good purchase. Its sufficient price is given every feature it possesses. Comparing to other shaving competitors, this product has its edge as its length settings and battery life. It also has a cool and handy design for use on versatile shaving operations.

As for longevity, it seems to endure for a few years. Though the body seems to be flimsy, like any other thing, you have to handle it extremely with care to make it long-lasting. It’s not just with the product’s quality but how you treat it also deemed matters. Good luck with that!