Why Buy This Product?

Men should shave wherever they want. There should be no limitation if we’re talking about shaving. It should be used in wet or dry shaving operations. Additionally, the shaving system should be friendly to lotions, creams, foams, and gels as an extra medium for beard trimming activity.

Thus, the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 delivers a flexible shaving quality. It’s conveniently built to last with its intricate hair cutting system that will give you a smooth and clean shave. This rotary shaver is specially created for users who want to explore on the shower and wet shaving.


Shaving after taking a bath is most of the men’s regular habit. It’s a practical move for men who wants to stay fresh while spending time outdoors on work, school, or just having a casual conversation. However, not all shavers aren’t shower-friendly. That is why it’s important to buy the most flexible shaver that could be ideal for wet or dry operation.

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 is an ultimate companion when you’re wet. It’s not just a regular wet shaver. But nonetheless, this shaver brings clean and easy trimming. It will keep you a more intense and closer shaving performance. It premiered with highly-innovative technologies for a comfortable and in detailed trimming.

Do you have what it takes to get wet? This rotary shaver is an answer to your prayers. If you want to know more, then scan below for more details.

Specs and Features


This rotary shaver has a lot of features. This includes the following

a. Well-Precise Shaving System
Uniquely build with the contour detect technology, this shaver intricately cuts hairs into your face. It easily contours and adapts to the curves or edges into the skin with its 8-independent multi-angles for comfortable flow.

Using its patented system V-Track Precision blades, this shaver cuts hair 20 percent more than a typical shave. It brings closer shave, easily sharpen for day to day use. It’s said to be 30% more efficient to skin use than its competitors.

b. Multi-range Hair Trimming Activity

Inscribing an intelligently easy click beard styler, this device includes 5built-in length settings for flexible shaving operation that cuts even stubble and very short beards. It delivers perfection upon every shave and use. Aside from that, it possesses rounded tips and combs that prevents skin irritation upon utilization.

c. Wet or Dry Shaving
Versatile at its best. This trimming capability works wonderfully on either wet or dry shaving. It’s fabricated with the aquatic technology ensuring an excellent cutting system even during a shower. Its utilize with a dual blade Super-Lift and Action for an intricate blade operation.

d. Convenient Battery Performance
This shaver runs using a built-in lithium-ion battery. While not being charged, this device works at least on a 50-minute duration. This amount of time is prettily secured for use on a week or two. It could be charged using a 100 to 240 volt AC adapter for one hour as needed. Since it could not run while corded, the device has a LED front display with three level battery indicator to easily know how much power is left.

e. Ergonomic and Modernistic Build
It’s designed to ensure comfort upon use. Weighing 1.1 pound having box dimensions of 3.3 inches x 6.1 inches x 9.1 inches, this device has a mostly plastic blue body polished with grey on each of its sides. Atop the device includes three rotary shavers with a head trimmer for flexible hair cutting use.

Aside from that, it’s center interface has a power button that could be clicked upon use. On the lower portion, a three-level indicator LED display for battery usage and a lock symbol that illuminates upon charging.

Our Product Review

Philips Norelco Shaver 8900

While rotary shavers are less desirable than the foil type, the Philips Norelco puts a risk by employing in this series a rotary shaver. Its quite a surprise knowing that most of their shaving systems use the foil one. However, they may want to experiment on something new as it’s quite a trend through its competitors. But nonetheless, is it worth a try exploring this type?

As we’ve known, this shaver is mostly intended for multi-purpose wet or dry hair trimming operation. It has a strong suction capability that interacts well with water, gel, cream, or foam while shaving. It has self-sharpened blades, water resistant as needed.

However, the blades seem flimsy. It has to be replaced every year. Though it could be a bit expensive, you could do something by carefully handling the shaving system every now and then.

It has a great design. It’s easy to use and comfortable grip. It truly gives you a clean and smooth shave like how it’s advertised. It does well to any parts on your face, best handling the chin, jaw, and even under your nose. It’s relatively very lightweight making it a bit awkward and cheaply built for use.

Its built-in battery seems just fine. Though it could not be used while corded, it operates sufficiently lasting for two or three weeks. The LED indicator is a good addition also to facilitate its ease of battery convenience.

Cleaning requires much effort. You’ll have to use very small brushes in order to reach through very deep ends of the shaver. Nonetheless, you really have to clean after use or else hairs will get stuck. Its recommended otherwise to buy the cleaning agent for effortless cleaning. It will cost you at least an extra $50 for it.

With its price, it quite fits through the quality that you’ll experience. Though, you’ll find that its line of competitors is a bit expensive than this one. Moreover, it’s still worth a purchase with its unique features and high powered shaving capability.


  • Wet or Dry Operation

  • Great Battery Operation

  • Powerful Shaving Ability

  • User-Friendly Menu Interface

  • Flexible Hair Trimming Lengths


  • Hassle Cleaning

  • Flimsy Material of Construction

The Final Verdict

For a regular day to day use, this shaver is still good to go investment. Its uniquely build with easy to use features. Nonetheless, it has an intuitive multi-angled hair trimming suitable even for curvy surfaces on the face. Additionally, it has a great design and a travel-friendly battery performance. Though it has few flaws, it’s still something worth to try on.