At times, it tends to be overwhelming to see new brands making vague claims about their features. The good news is, with reviews from actual users, these claims may be validated. This is what we will do with the Pioneer AVH–X390BS Double Din Bluetooth In-Dash DVDCDAmFM Car Stereo Receiver.

This device offers both fun and functionality which will allow you to create your own mix with the song you have. All of the details are displayed on the screen, 4 channels, CD receiver, 50 watts, allowing you to have full control on your screen using mobile applications. Let us take a look at some other features of this model.


The display of this model comes with an LED backlight, with ON/OFF dimmer settings, brightness control, standby mode present, 112 key colors, display mode off, 13 background display customizations, as well as home screen shortcuts customization.

The expandability options of this model feature composite video output, rear AUX input, wired remote input, rear single USB, back-up camera input, USB direct control for both iPhone and iPod, as well as a minijack AV cable.

The Bluetooth features of this receiver offer simple secure paring, hands-free profile, dual phone connectivity, serial port profile, audio video remote control profile, advanced audio distribution profile, and sound retriever air.

Spotify App Control
This control is one of the most amazing features of this model. Spotify is a recognized music streaming platform that is available in a lot of countries. It comes with both a free and subscription package. The Pioneer AVH–X390BS Double Din Bluetooth In-Dash DVDCDAmFM Car Stereo Receiver comes with a Spotify dedicated A/V source that provides you with the capability to control music content on Spotify app using your mobile device.

App Radio One
This is one built-in feature of a Pioneer receiver. This feature helps you to control certain Smartphone apps easily by allowing access to the rest of the digital world. This is done by connecting the CD-IU52 Lightning to the USB cable for iOs users, or the Pioneer CD-MU200 to micro USB cable for users of Android devices.

As an alternative, cables which are included with the phones may also be used. After syncing and connecting, you can easily tap on your receiver touch screen in order to experience a whole new level of digital beauty.

At the same time, through the App Radio One, you can also access other things, including events, maps, media, and calendars. This app is also compatible with other Android devices that run with OS 4.2 onwards, as well as iOs devices that operate with iOs 7.0.

The Mitrax technology incorporated in this receiver will allow you to listen to DJ ready music while you are driving your car. You may also set up the lightning cable depending on the type of music that you want to play.

Pandora Integration
Pandora will allow you to discover amazing music without any hassle. All you need to do is to download the free Pandora app, then connect using Bluetooth while the app is running. For iOs devices, a wired connection is required. The cable is sold separately.

This feature is a permanent software that is programmed in read-only memory. With advancements in integrations and technology, advanced receivers come with a firmware to manage them. It will allow you to achieve the most optimized and best sound quality that you expect.

This receiver also comes with amazing accessories that you can also purchase and easily plug into your system in order to improve your overall audio experience. One is the ND-BC8 CMOS surface mount back-up camera, which is a universal rearview camera. You can also add the AVIC-U280 Navigation system, as GPS is not included in the features. Other accessories include CD-MC20 Auto equalizer microphones, CD-SR100 steering wheel infrared remote control, and the CD-IU52 USB to Lightning cable for both iPhone/iPod.


  • Simple to use

  • Affordable price

  • Price really worth it

  • Bluetooth connectivity is good

  • Easy to install, but may need assistance from a technician


  • Customer service not that dependable

  • Album name not shown on the screen (Spotify)

Tips in Using the Pioneer AVH–X390BS Receiver

Pioneer AVH-X390BS Car Stereo Receiver

In order to make the most out of this model, the following tips may be taken into consideration:

Purchase your stereo, together with its accessories, from a reliable dealer. Make sure that you get a warranty for your purchase, in case an issue ensues with your product.

Make sure to hire a qualified technician to help you install your car audio. Discuss with the technician what you want to achieve in terms of output, as well as other stereo functionalities.

You may also purchase matching speakers for your car stereo from Pioneer. The reason behind this is that a lot of manufactures also apply matching impedance on their products, which is considered as a primary factor in attaining a good quality of audio output.

Check to ensure that the battery of your car is optimally functioning in order to achieve nice quality audio. Avoid getting water on the touch screen at any time. If possible, cover the touch screen appropriately if you are trying to clean your dashboard.


Overall, the Pioneer AVH-X390BS Double Din Bluetooth In-Dash DVDCDAmFM Car Stereo Receiver is an amazing product. It comes with a wide range of features, given that it comes at a very affordable price. It also comes with a number of nice qualities. Among the loved features of this model includes the fact that you can make and take calls with it. The sound quality is good, while the Bluetooth connectivity is dependable. Most users conclude that this model is worth the purchase. On top of that, there are also other nice accessories that can be plugged-in in order to enhance the overall audio experience.