Why Buy This Product?

The Ryobi RY40180 Cordless Electric Mower Kit lets you maintain freely without the limitation of a long cord attached to your machine. The 40V 5Ah battery powers the electric mower for more than 40 minutes. The unit also utilizes a sensor that determines if you need more power to cut thick grass or less for thinner foliage.


Ryobi is a powerful tool and equipment producer. They provide tools that make it easy for any work to do their job. One of their popular lineups is lawn & garden equipment for gardeners as well as homeowners. This includes their RY40180 Cordless Electric Mower.

This mower utilizes a Lithium-Ion battery that powers a smart brushless motor. Despite running on battery, the performance of the unit is similar to gas-powered mowers. The RY40180 also has a sensor that determines how much power to use in cutting your grass.

Given the capabilities of the electric mower, can it deliver in power to maintain your yard? Does it have other features that make it live up to the Ryobi brand of a garden maintenance equipment? Let us answer that question by taking a close look at the RY40180 Cordless Electric Mower.

Product Review


The 40V 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery makes it possible for the mower to do the work without any outlet. On a full charge, the mower can go through your lawn for 40 to 45 minutes. It is important to note that the last few minutes of the battery’s charge will not fully power the motor. Expect the cutting performance of the mower to go down around the 40-minute mark.

The 40-minute window that the Ryobi mower provides is not a problem for small outdoor spaces such as your front lawn. However, this may not be enough to maintain a large space that goes beyond one acre.

To alleviate the problem of needing more time to maintain your space, Ryobi added a compartment on the mower where you can store your spare battery. This gives you more time to maintain large outdoor spaces. In addition, the spare battery works with other Ryobi equipment and tools. This makes an extra power source feasible since it is not just for your mower.

The backbone of the RY40190 is the brushless motor. It allows the 20-inch metal cutting deck to make quick work on stubborn grasses growing outside your home. This mower can even cut hard wooden objects like twigs and pinecones. Upon our testing, the mower was able to go through these hard objects like a hot knife through butter.

One of the useful aspects of the motor is its simple start mechanism that requires a simple button-press. Unlike traditional gas-powered mowers, you do not need to prime the engine to get the RY40180 to turn on.

Despite the high-powered motor powering the mower, the RY40180 barely produces the same noise as traditional mowers. The sound from the unit is like that of an industrial fan running at full speed.

What makes the Ryobi mower interesting is its load sensors that allow the unit to know if it is going through thick patches of grass or just a few thin growths. The sensor allows the mower to send the right amount of power to the blades at the right moment. This helps you conserve energy on your battery so you can maximize the mower’s stored electricity.

The mower can navigate flat outdoor spaces with minor slopes. It even has LED headlights that casts an intense light in front of the mower. This helps you cut the grass of your lawn at night. With the noiseless motor, you will hardly disturb your neighbors or other people in the house.

One of the flaws of this motor is its lack of waterproof design. The RY40180 does not have any means of stopping liquid from entering its electronic components.
The handle has a telescopic design with a securing knob. This makes it easy for anyone to handle and operate the RY40180. You can even fold the handle over the mower to store the unit in small spaces within your home.

An interesting feature of the Ryobi mower is its cutting options. You can gather all of the grass cuttings into a bag, which you can turn into compost for your plants. Another option is to use the mulching plug on your mower. This cuts the grass into finer pieces that can act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Specs & Features

  • Brushless Motor

  • Telescopic handle

  • Load bearing sensor

  • Start Button function

  • Powerful LED headlights

  • 20-inch Metal Cutting Deck

  • Mulching and Bagging option

  • 40V 5.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery


  • Can operate for 40 minutes or more

  • LED lighting allows for night time mowing

  • Removable battery allows for use of spare batteries

  • The mulching plug creates a natural fertilizer for the lawn

  • Sensors automatically adjust the cutting power of the motor

  • The telescopic handle makes it easy for anyone to operate the mower


  • Not safe to use during the rain

  • Only allow 40 minutes of run-time


Ryobi RY40180 does deliver on its promise of gas-powered mower performance with its brushless motor. The 20-inch metal deck can efficiently cut nearly any kind of grass regardless of thickness.

The only issue we have with the unit is its 40-minutes of battery life. This is not a problem for any homeowners since this is just enough juice to maintain front, back, and even side yards. For public spaces or large areas that are bigger than a football field, 40-minutes is not enough to cover the entire space. In this case, you will need a spare battery to cover more than an acre of grasses without having to recharge the mower. Fortunately, most lithium batteries of Ryobi equipment works with the mower.

Despite the battery issue, the RY40180 still stands out with its cutting performance and other useful aspects. This includes the low-noise motor and one-button starter function.