Sony XAV-AX5000 7 Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Media ReceiverSony XAV-AX5000 Car Stereo Double Din Radio has a friendly interface that makes you have an overwhelming experience because of the wide features that you can do in just one device. This car stereo would allow you to enjoy its features while still having your focus on driving. The digital media receivers make it possible to have enjoyable infotainment even when driving.

Sony XAV-AX5000 is one of the most popular double-DIN digital multimedia receivers that lets you integrate your Android and Apple smartphones into your car’s dashboard and also allows you to do the basic functions of your smartphone such as making phone calls and messaging.


  • It has an Android or Apple connect option wherein you can display application of your mobile phone into your car stereo screen to access maps, phonebook, and messages and this is because of the device built-in Bluetooth.

  • It lets you have access to a real-time direction without taking your hands off the wheel.

  • The common buttons which are the volume, sound settings, and voice control are situated in a place where you can easily choose the button that you needed while driving.

  • You have the option to install a rear camera that you can view the footages using this device.

  • Its design will perfectly fit and blend into any car’s interior design.

  • It has a dual USB port that gives you a lot of choices for your music options.

  • It offers a wireless remote control for easy navigation and it will let you control basic operations even while you are driving.

  • It has a rearview camera input that helps you park safely and you can connect it with the head unit to see what’s behind your car.

  • It has easy tap access on the screen to quickly operate each button even while you are driving.

  • It has FM and AM frequency functionality with a wide range of coverage.

  • The voice command functionality lets you switch from one option to another without distracting your driving.

  • It uses DSO ( Dynamic Stage Organizer) that lets you adjust the frequency for the various listening environment.

  • It uses Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), audio file compatibility to ensure that it compresses videos without loss in quality.

Specs and Features:

Sony XAV-AX5000 7The product’s dimension is 6.95″ (17.6 cm) with an item weight of 2.65 pounds, a shipping weight of 3.85 pounds and a mounting dimensions of Approx. 182 mm × 111 mm × 120 mm (7 1/4 in × 4 3/8 in × 4 3/4 in) (W x H x D). With its responsive touchscreen display of 6.95″ (17.6 cm), you are able to enjoy smooth and convenient navigation. It is compatible with SiriusXM satellite radio tuner with inputs of a dual rear USB and a rear-view camera input and outputs of a channel preamp with 2 volts rear subwoofer. It has a built-in internal amp that is 20 watts RS/55 peak x 4 channels.

It has a current consumption of 10 amp that has a power requirement of 12V DC car battery. It has an advanced signal processing that is 4 x 55W Dynamic Reality Amp 2 that effectively removes interference so the music that you are listening is clear and detailed.

It’s Audio or video features 10 band equalizer with digital time alignment equipped with subwoofer controls that will give you a powerful sound with 4 x 55W Dynamic Reality Amp 2 with an extra bass filter and it has an Audio Level Adjustment which is minus8 dB to plus 18 dB. Its Bluetooth functionality provides 6-speed dial memory banks that can store up to 20 numbers of the recent call list.

It can be connected in almost all Bluetooth enabled devices with a maximum communication range of approximately 32.8 feet. It has a brightness of 500 cd/m2 and the contrast ratio is 600. It utilizes 1,152,000 pixels (800 × 3 (RGB) × 480) with a color system of PAL/NTSC/SECAM/PAL-M automatic select for CAMERA IN terminal.

Its FM tuning range is 87.5 MHz – 108.0 MHz (at 50 kHz step), 87.5 MHz – 108.0 MHz (at 100 kHz step), and 87.5 MHz – 107.9 MHz (at 200 kHz step) with a signal to noise ratio of 70 decibels. Its AM tuning range is 531 kHz – 1,602 kHz (at 9 kHz step), and 530 kHz – 1,710 kHz (at 10 kHz step). The USB player section has two interfaces, USB1 port: USB (Hi-speed) and USB2 port: USB (Full-speed).

Basic Troubleshooting:

There is no beep sound
There is a tendency that the optional power amplifier is connected and the built-in amplifier is not in use.

The device makes noise when the ignition is switched
There is a tendency that the leads are not matched correctly with the power connector.

The display disappears
In this case, the monitor off function is activated. You’ll just need to tap anywhere on the screen for it to be reactivated.

The USB is not working properly
There is a tendency that the USB is worn out that is why it affects the signal quality so better replace it to a new one.

What’s in the Box?

  • ISO screws

  • Wiring harness

  • Remote Control

  • Warranty Card

  • Microphone with bracket

  • Digital Media Receiver with 7-inch touchscreen monitor

Sony XAV-AX5000

Sony XAV-AX5000 Review


  • It has a nice display that is clean and simple, as expected from a Sony brand

  • You are able to customize the interface and some options for personalized and convenient usage

  • It allows you to listen to music, make calls, receive messages, and get direction while making you stay focused while driving


  • It has some irregularities sorting folders from USB media

  • If the USB media has a lot of files, there are some navigation problems or unresponsive buttons

Final Thoughts:

Sony XAV-AX5000 is definitely recommended for those who want an upgrade that enhances their car entertainment experience. You will not be dismayed about the sound quality, features design, and ease of use of this device because they aim to have excellent quality.