Why Buy This Product?

The market offers a lot of choices when it comes to dash cams, but the Z-EDGE Z3 is a nice option than other units available. It provides a decent resolution and has a set of remarkable features that anyone might be seeking in this kind of device.


When it comes to Zero Edge Dash Cams, the Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam is among the most talked about models. This product was one of the nominees for the best dash cam on Wirecutter in 2016. Until today, the product still shines in the selection.

Some say there is no single channel camera that matches the Z-EDGE Z3. It has improved features that made this product a more compelling option. The 145 degrees field of view upgrades to 155 degrees.

The 3-inch LCD screen is more than enough to provide crystal clear objects. Also, the Z-EDGE Z3 features an energy-saving mode which will automatically turn the display off. Just set the timer and choose the ideal pre-set display turn on time. Likewise, you can turn the audio recording on or off by pressing the button.

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The Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam is built on the high-end Ambarella A12 processor and equipped with OV4689 color CMOS image sensor. This dashcam guarantees better stability on flawless recording and vibrant resolution. It also guarantees decent image quality. Never miss the license plate on the stunning wide HD camera with a resolution of 2560 x 1440p.

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam also guarantees a decent 155-degree viewing angle at 30 frames for every second. This will capture more detail even at a distance with an improved field of view for reduced fisheye image misrepresentation. Its 3-inch display will let you see everything clearly even at a distance. This wide viewing angle is supporting panoramic recording without the chances for detail loss and image distortion.

This dashcam can record images regardless of the light conditions. It works well without the need for unnecessary features like WiFi and GPS. With 2.7k image quality, the license plates will appear clearer in the stunning wide HD camera and a wider viewing angle that captures images at 30 frames/sec. this HD camera captures more detail no matter how far or near your distance from the subject.

This dashcam features night vision that enables the HDR or high dynamic range for decent low light compensation when you drive in the evening. This feature reacts to intense light conditions like your eyes, balancing dark/light spots and exposure. The 6 glass lenses diminish glare and provide great video quality. These lenses are crucial for constant image detail across the different light conditions.

This HDR technology balances the exposure and compensates for dark or light spots. Superior low light compensation is easier to achieve with just a touch on the button. With HDR technology, the Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam is capable of capturing clear and vivid images at both night and daytime. No more chances for missing the plate numbers of those reckless drivers.

Also, the Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam automatically record footages on the vehicle ignition. It can also switch off your car’s ignition system, help save energy by saving the LCD screen off timer. This dashcam also comes with a loop recording function designed for quick, proper storage management. The device also has a preventive function to avoid accidental or intentional deletion of your footages.

The Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam can also do an audio recording with just one press on the on/off button. It also features a built-in G-sensor or accelerometer that triggers crash or motion vibration recognition recording. Likewise, this dashcam can work as a watchdog when setting on the parking mode. In this mode, the Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam is activated within 24 hours, keeping your car safe from burglars.

The G-sensor will automatically protect the video clips as “events” when detecting vibration or collision. Loop recording overwrites the unprotected video clips if they exceed the maximum storage capacity of this dashcam.

Also, there is an emergency button that manually protects the recording. Get the Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam installed in your vehicle in less than an hour so that it can quickly start detecting ignition when switching on or off the car. At the same time, it can start or stop the recording.

This dashcam supports external storage of up to 128GB. It makes the Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam better than other dashcams in the market that typically support up to 64GB. Besides, it guarantees a stable suction mount with the screw-in attachment. The device is fully adjustable to provide the best viewing experience. Format the MicroSD before using it for better performance.

When not in use, you can remove the device from its position with ease. Using the Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam is much easier because it comes along with a longer USB cable that measures 13 feet. This long cable ensures easy routing within your car’s interior. The Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam has two USB ports as well.

When the dashcam is in the parking mode, it will continuously monitor the car while the engine is off using the built-in battery. When the G-Sensor detects vibrations, the dashcam will automatically turn on and start recording.

After around 30 minutes following the vibration, the dashcam will automatically shut down and go back to the parking mode. The motion detection system automatically pauses the recording if the camera lens doesn’t detect motion and will resume once it detects movement.

The Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam is a risk-free investment as it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Likewise, it comes with 18 months warranty and lifetime support. All these things are making this dashcam a great choice for any car owner.

Z-Edge Z3 Upgraded Version Dash Cam


  • Easy to mount

  • Small and compact

  • With a user manual

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Awesome picture and video quality


  • No Wi-Fi or GPS connectivity

Final Word

With its features and functions, the Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam is undeniably an excellent dashcam to use for your vehicle. Aside from its small and compact size, this dashcam is easy and safe to use. It is a discreet device that can help you ensure your safety while driving. Also, it can help you a lot in keeping your car safe from burglars.